Neglect on Mohammad Amin Agoshi’s health issues

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amin Agoshi who is suffering from dental and other health problems has been deprived of medical treatment and treatment holidays. He is also banned from going out of the ward he is being kept at.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Amin Agoshi 54-year-old retired teacher from Piranshahr city is currently jailed at the Central Prison of Zahedan and although he is suffering from extreme health issues, he is deprived of medical treatment.

A close relative who prefers to remain anonymous told HRANA reporter: “…,Mohammad Amin Agoshi is suffering from dental problems and needs to see a dentist. He is also suffering from an unknown ailment with nausea, vertigo and sore-throat symptoms and although he urgently needs medical attention, he is banned from leaving the ward.”

With regards to the ban placed on  Mohammad Amin stopping him from  leaving the ward, this source also added: “…, on Eid-Fitr day he spoke for couple of minutes during the pray time about the alleged beating and torture of prisoners by the prison guards and integrators. These words made the prison authorities very angry.”

Mohammad Amin Agoshi was arrested in 2007 along with Iraj Moahammadi and Ahmad Poladkhani from Piranshahr. They were charged with Spying for Kurdish government and declaring war on the state by cooperation with anti-government groups.

After serving 7 month in solitary confinement, he was transferred to Oromiyeh Central Prison and after attending a military trail at the 2nd branch Military Court (Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces) he was sentenced to Execution by firing squad.

This verdict was approved at the Supreme Court later. However, his case along with the other two accused-mentioned above- were later referred to the 1st branch Military Court, where they received a reduced sentence of 10 years imprisonment and exile to Zahedan Central Prison.

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