Political Prisoners Face More Problems In Receiving Books: Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – The officials of ward 8 in Evin prison, in a statement and by an illegal action subjected the delivery of all the books to the prisoners, to the approval of the name and author of the books by the prison authorities.
Some of the prisoners say that even with a license by the Ministry of Culture, according to the announcement, the prison decides which book could the prisoners read or not read.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), according to the new notifications and sample forms, from 13th January, prisoners must undergo a long bureaucratic process, should give the title and author’s name in the application form to the manager of ward 8 in Evin and after the agreement with the title and author of the book, they will give the permission to the prisoner to get it.
According to the new statement, prisoners can get the books from their family or friends, after the permission.
Before that, any book which had received the permission from the Ministry of Culture, regardless of the title and the name of the author, was delivered to the prisoners after of the usual technical inspection.
A number of political prisoners of ward 8 in Evin prison have said that this announcement in addition to the process of delivering books to prison, was a true double censorship and prison authorities made the decision based on their own manner.
Prisoners have said that due to lack of resources, they had no choice to fill their time but to read and this announcement has limited the quality and quantity of the books that could be entered, in an unnecessary and illegal manner.
It is to say that a number of political and conscience prisoners are currently imprisoned in ward 8 of Evin prison, in contrary to the principle of separation of offenses and offenders, along with the criminal and dangerous prisoners.
The failure to obey the principle of separation of the prisoners and overcrowding and the high population, sleeping on the floor, poor health status and prevalence of disease, poor heating and cooling system, restrictions on library facilities and mistreatment of prisoners, are parts of the problems that prisoners and their families have protested against in different ways.
A number of the old prisoners have described ward 8 of Evin prison as the “worst ward and a place of exile for political prisoners”.

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