The Situation In Ward 7 Of Evin Prison Remains Tense

HRANA News Agency – After clashes, insulting and beating political prisoners of ward number 7 of Evin prison, these conflicts continued by threatening the political prisoners by convicted guilty prisoners of the great embezzlement. Some of these prisoners complained against Saeid Razavi Faghih and are trying to profile him a case for the allegation of insulting the regime’s top officials.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), around 15 political-security prisoners, including Saeid Madani demanded warranty from officials of the ward for their safety.
On February 10, some prisoners of financial crimes started shouting slogans and pointing at political prisoners, which confronted with the reaction of the political prisoners.
These prisoners started shouting slogans like “death do hypocrite” and “death to Anti-Faqih” and after the objections of political prisoners, attacked them.
The name of Saeid Razavi Faghih was among the political prisoners who were injured. After being transferred to the clinic he was sent back to the ward.
Most of these financial criminals are the inmates of the great embezzlement (3 thousand billion Rials) case. According to political prisoners they have a great influence in prison and create problems for political prisoners continuously.
According to political prisoners, these prisoners have illegal activities like blackmailing other prisoners on their record. Many of other financial prisoners of this ward supported the political prisoners.
Attacking to and harassment of political prisoners by other prisoners is nothing new, but prison and judicial authorities have never done anything about it.
More than 80 prisoners with political-security charges are kept in ward number 7 along with financial prisoners, in violation of the rule of separation of prisoners.

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