Political Prisoners of Ward 7 in Evin Prison Protest against Lack of Medical Treatment

HRANA News Agency – The prisoners of conscience in ward seven of Evin prison have struck to protest against the lack of medical attention for sick prisoners in this ward and signed a letter demanding the dismissal of the head of the infirmary of this ward. Among the ill prisoners in this ward, Mehdi and Hossein Rajabian, and Sohail Arabi have been deprived of medical treatment and being sent to a hospital.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), several prisoners in ward seven of Evin prison, including Mehdi Rajabian, Hossein Rajabian, Esmail Abdi, Soheil Arabi, Omid Alishenas, and Yousof Emadi, by writing a letter to the prison’s authorities have protested against “Ghasem Jafarnejad”, the head of ward seven’s infirmary,  and have demanded his dismissal.
This protest and sit-in is for lack of appropriate medical care for the prisoners of this ward especially for Mehdi and Hossein Rajabian, and also for Soheil Arabi.
Mehdi Rajabian suffers from MS, and severe kidney infection which has got worse during the last couple of weeks, and Hossein Rajabian suffers from kidney infection.
Also, Sohail Arabi had seizures recently, but after being transferred to prison infirmary, he was not sent to the hospital.

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