A Prisoner in Critical Condition Because of Psychological Pressures in Ghezelhesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – Majid Keshvari, a prisoner with mental illness in Ghezelhesar prison, who had committed suicide, is again on the verge of suicide because of the complexity of his situation. The prison’s psychiatrist had prescribed medications and tablets due to Mr. Keshvari’s severe depression, but prison officials denied him the medication delivery. On the other hand they prevented his transfer to the hall where the prisoners are monitored by doctors. In the prison computer his attempt to suicide has been recorded as “food poisoning” and his family’s complaint to the Prisons General Directory Office has not had any outcome yet.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Majid Keshvari is one of the 12 prisoners who were accused of “rebellion” in 2010 in Ghezelhesar prison in Karaj.
The death sentences of 7 of 12 prisoners who were on death row were carried out because of revolt in “Charshanbeh Sori” in 2010, and the sentences of five of them were changed to imprisonment.
Mr. Keshvari was held in Rajai Shahr prison for nearly two years, and then again he was transferred to Unit One of Ghezelhesar prison in June 2013. Since the transfer to this prison, he has been harassed by prison authorities, so that his ward was changed monthly.
Some weeks ago the prisoner committed suicide as a result of these pressures and was rescued by being transferred to “Luqman Hospital”.
Keshvari family has made a complaint to the Prisons General Directory Office, but his attempt to suicide has been recorded as “food poisoning” and their complaint has not had any outcome yet.
The prisoner was transferred to Unit 2 of death row prisoners, while his sentence is imprisonment. He was told that his “ruling was open”. After follow-up by his family, and after 2 months, it was announced that it was a mistake and he was returned to Unit 1.
Majid Keshvari had been transferred to solitary confinement once by the Intelligence unit for 10 days and his stomach was bleeding, but it has been recorded that the cause of this transfer was hunger strike.

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