A Prisoner Sent to Quarantine for Disability to Pay for the Medical Treatment

HRANA News Agency – A death row prisoner in central prison of Zahedan who suffered from pain and illness in the eye, was harassed and exiled to the quarantine ward by the order of authorities when he could not pay 800000 IRR for the cost of the test.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Shamseddin Baji Zehi, death row prisoner who has been charged of murder, has been imprisoned for four years in the central prison of Zahedan.
He suffered from a pain in his eye since about one month ago, so the prisoner came to the clinic after appointment and initial tests were taken. The prison health clinic demanded the prisoner to pay 800000 IRR following these tests.
The prisoner was exiled to the quarantine ward by the order of the head of the prison when he had announced that he could not pay and there was no money in his bank account.
After about a week of keeping this prisoner in the quarantine ward where is largely inadequate with difficulty and health problems, the issue was reported to the family of the prisoner.
They had collected 2400000 IRR for the tests carried out when the prisoner’s family referred to the prison to follow up the condition of Mr. Baji Zehi. This amount was significantly more than the amount announced to the prisoner.
Mr. Shamsuddin Baji Zehi returned to the public ward after a week and paying the costs.

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