A Report about the Situation in the Central Prison of Zahedan

HRANA News Agency – The central prison of Zahedan with a population of more than 3,500 prisoners, faces serious health and medical problems, including lack of access to medical facilities and medical services, as well as a double exclusion from health facilities. Prisoners of this prison suffer from many problems, such as non-separation of crimes and excessive populations. Their protests have had no results so far.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the central prison of Zahedan has 11 wards with a population of more than 3,500 prisoners with different crimes including dozens of political prisoners.
The prison also has three quarantine wards that have a very bad health condition.
A former prisoner of the prison told HRANA’s reporter, “The public wards of the prison’s conditions are so inappropriate that prisoners prefer quarantine wards and solitary confinements to the public wards.”
Prison authorities have not addressed the health status although the prisoners had complained against it many times.
In addition, the number of prisoners with HIV are kept in the public wards of this prison, contrary to the principles of separation of prisoners. The prevalence of sexual intercourse among some prisoners has increased the number of people infected with AIDS in this place compared to previous years.
In recent years, the lack of separation of prisoners based on health has resulted in the spread of tuberculosis in this prison and the death of at least three prisoners.
HRANA had reported on the inadequate health and treatment situation in this prison in the past years. After several years, it is necessary to emphasize that the treatment has not been different.
The clinic of prison still faces severe shortages of personnel and quotas of patients for referrals to general practitioners. Specialist doctors, such as the ears, eyes, and heart etc. do not refer to the jail, as well as it is rarely and difficult to send the prisoners to the medical centers outside the prison.
In different wards of prison, each room is 5 in 6 meters and has 18 beds where about 50 prisoners are kept. About 383 detainees are held in ward 2 of this prison which has a legal capacity of 100 people. The other wards of the prison are similar.
One of the most recent problems is health problems in ward 7 of the prison.
In this ward, where hundreds of addicted prisoners are kept, there are 16 sanitary rooms that 11 of them are corrupted. Therefore, hundreds of prisoners should use only five sanitary rooms.
On the other hand, 10 bathrooms among the 15 bathrooms of this ward are damaged and prisoners have access to only 5 bathrooms like sanitary rooms.
Lack of access to warm water is reported as other problems in this place, so that prisoners must take bath with cold water.
It should be noted that this prison in addition to having a very poor food situation, does not have access to a suitable store to the prisoners supply their items at least at their personal cost, unlike other large prisons.

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