A report on the labor ward of the central prison of Zahedan

HRANA News Agency – Prisoners who work in the labor ward of the central prison of Zahedan are deprived of any heating system.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the prisoners, who work in exchange for one day off per week, live with minimal amnesties in the labor ward of the central prison of Zahedan. The labor war is divided into two compartments: open-vote and semi-open-vote compartments. Both compartments that are known as “hall of residence” are deprived of proper heating system.  One of the prisoners told HRNA reporters: “In sub-zero weather, a single plastic cover has been used as the main door of the ward. Prisoners endure difficult conditions of the ward only because they would like to spend the weekend with their families. They usually sleep on the carpet without having appropriate blanket.”
One of the prisoners of the open-vote compartment told HRNA reporters: “about a month ago, one of the prisoners agreed to work in the electrical department of the ward without having a proper knowledge or skills in the field of electricity. He died due to electrical shock, and the authorities initially announced that he has committed suicide. Only when his family insisted on obtaining more information about the cause of death, the authorities told them that he has died because of not following safety regulations.
The same inmate added: “the regulations urges that prisoners must be paid a monthly wage of 3000,000 Rials (about $100), 600,000 Rials of which is being paid back to the prison. It is now about five months that prisoners have not received their monthly wages.”  He also added: “the deputy head of the prison sexually abuses the younger prisoners in exchange for more comfortable jobs. He also trades easier jobs to the prisoners who have better financial situation.
According to this report, there are 380 prisoners in the open-vote compartment and 160 prisoners in the semi-open compartment of this prison.

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