Roya Saberi Nobakht in Poor Conditions in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Despite releasing five defendants of the so-called “Facebook activists’ case” on June 15, Ms. Roya Saberi Nobakht one of the defendants is keep in the women’s ward of Evin prison with poor health status, despite promises by the authorities to be released. Ms. Nobakht is suffering from an unknown disease but no serious action has been taken for her treatment so far.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Roya Saberi Nobakht, Iranian-British citizen is one of the nine social network activists who was arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards after returning to the country in Shiraz in 2013. The 9 people were sentenced to 127 years imprisonment by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court on charges of “assembly and collusion against national security”, “propaganda against the system”, “insulting religious sanctities”, “insulting the supreme leader” and “insulting the people”.

Ms. Saberi was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment at the primary court and served more than a year and a half of her sentence in Gharchak prison. She was transferred to women’s ward of Evin prison later. Her sentence was reduced to five years in prison after applying Article 134. She is now serving her sentence in Evin Prison.

A source close to Ms. Saberi in an interview with HRANA’s reporter said: “The kind of Miss Saberi’s disease has not been specified because she has not been sent to hospital. She frequently receives the wrong medicine in the prison.”

The source also concerning the legal status of the defendant’s case, said: “About 10 months ago the prison officials told her that she would be released due to amnesty on the occasion of 13th of Rajab. But it did not happen. They told her once again that she would be released after the nuclear deal due to being British, but it did not happen. These are a form of psychological torture and even her physical condition has worsened.”

It should be noted that Fariborz Kardar, Masoud Ghasemkhani, Masoud Talebi, Amir Golestani and Amin Akramipour, five other inmates of this case were released from Evin prison on parole.

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