Security Forces Prevented “National Front” from Holding Annual Meeting

HRANA News Agency – The security forces made phone calls and threatened to arrest the members of the National Front, prevented the meeting of their Central Council to take place.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), a meeting of the Central Council of the National Front had been planned to be held in the home of one of the members, on Thursday 7th May, which was not held, due to the warns and threats of arrest of the members and the quorum was not reached.

Dr. Hossein Mousavian, Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Front, by announcing this news, about the reason of these threats told HRANA’s reporter: “In a contact they claimed that the National Front is not licensed and is illegal, while the license of this organization has been achieved by a Prominent figure like Dr. Mosaddegh, and we not only do not have an office, club and newspaper, but also we cannot have a meeting in our own home.”

Dr. Mousavian also about the identity of those who had threatened them said: “They did not introduce themselves officially, and called us as unknown caller ID, which belongs to Intelligence agents. They have contacted the members of the Central Council, like me and Dr. Adib Boroumand, President of the Council and, the other members and warned us of the consequences of holding this meeting.”

According to Human Rights Activists in Iran, preventing the activity of civil organizations and organizations with a peaceful policy, has been one of the constant routine practice of the security forces in Iran, that the changes of Governments at different times, also has not  changed it.

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