Sirus Fathi Detained by Security Forces

Sirus Fathi Arrested by Security Forces

Sirus Fathi was detained by security forces today, June 11th, and taken to an undisclosed location. His wife, Sharifeh Mohammadi, a labor rights activist, is currently incarcerated in Lakan Prison in Rasht.

HRANA reports that Fathi was arrested at his home at ten o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, June 13th. Details of his whereabouts remain unknown. Sharifeh Mohammadi was initially arrested by intelligence agents at her home in Rasht on December 5, 2023. She was later transferred from Lakan Prison in Rasht to Sanandaj Prison on December 30 of the same year and subsequently returned to Lakan Prison.

As of now, the specific reasons for the arrests and the charges against Mohammadi and Fathi have not been disclosed.

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