Soheil Arabi Is Still at the Risk of Execution

HRANA New Agency – The prosecutor refuses to send Soheil Arabi’s case for a review based on Article 18. He still remains at risk of execution for alleged insulting the Prophet Mohammad in Facebook.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Soheil Arabi’s death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court of the country so that he is at risk of execution.
This prisoner has been charged with insulting the Prophet Mohammad in Facebook and is sentenced to death. His solicitors and his family have applied Article 18 for him from the Supreme Court and they are still waiting for his case to be reviewed.
Vahid Meshkani, one of the solicitors told HRANA’s reporter: regarding Soheil Arabi’s latest condition: “They refuse to see us, I do not know why, the case is still quite and no changes has happened. Regarding the press, the complaint is open but it is lagging and we are waiting for an inquiry.”
He continued: “Applying Article 18 and request for reviewing interrogations still have no good results. The Supreme Court, as the highest authority, has been asked for the acceptance or rejection of the claim for restitution of the legal process but for unknown reasons the prosecutor has refused to send the case, so far.”
Soheil Arabi was sentenced to death on 30th August in the branch 76 of Penal Court by Judge Siamak Modir Khorasani and on 7th December his sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court, presided by Ali Razini.

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