The Sunni prisoners are in critical condition due to hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – The physical condition of Hamed Ahmadi and Jamshid Dehghani, the Sunni prisoners of Ghezelhesar prison, is reported dire, on their fifth day of the hunger strike.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), six Sunni prisoners of Ghezelhesar prison, who were sentenced to death, went to hunger strike, on Monday November 4.


These prisoners are Hamed Ahmadi (the son of Habibollah – born on 1981), Kamal Molayi (the son of Ahmad – born on 1984), Jamshid Dehghani (the son of Khodarahm – born on 1985, Sadigh Mohammadi (the son of Hossein – born on 1986) and Seyed Hadi Hosseini (the son of Mohiyoddin – born in 1983), who went to hunger strike in response to decision of prison’s authorities, regarding to transferring them to other places because of commencing Moharam month.


Prison authorities, instead of addressing their request, have used excessive force, and by using prisons guard, beat them and transferred them to solitary confinement.


An informed source told HRANA’s reporter: “Seyed Hdi Hosseini who is suffering from epilepsy, was transferred to the ward, today morning. He was beaten by prisoners, and by worsening his physical condition now, has transferred to ward 4, unit 3. Seyed Hadi Hosseini mentioned the bad physical condition and stomach bleeding of Hamed Ahmadi and Jamshid Dehghani, due to hunger strike. They are also badly injured during prisons guards’ assault, but prisons authorities do not show any reaction.”


This source added: “Very recently, a commission has assigned by intelligent service of Sanandaj, to review the Sunni prisoners of conscientious cases, especially whom were sentenced to death. A representative from the prisoner’s families, who had a meeting with this commission, has received bad news. Intelligent service authorities informed him, the execution sentence of these six prisoners is indispensable and to be performed in near future. Regarding the death sentence of other 26 Sunni prisoners, it is stated which some of the sentence will be performed according to expediency.”


He also said: “This meeting had been carried out last week. The intelligent service commission, by naming some families, blamed them for contacting foreign medias and human right organizations, and claimed this decision have been made accordingly.”

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