Sunni prisoners on day 71st of hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – After more than 70 days of hunger strike and by worsening of the physical condition of Sunni prisoners, they have been forced to have serum injection in prison clinic.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following a request made by persecutor of Tehran’s prisons, Mr. Nasirpoor, the 4 prisoners were transferred to prison clinic and prison physician stated that they are in critical condition in a comprehensive report.


An informed source said to HRANA’s reporter: “On the report of Dr. Rajabi it is stated that Kidney and liver of these prisoners are going to be diminished and he ordered for injection and serum treatments. The prisoners refused it but finally serum treatment has carried out by force.”


He continued: “A meeting has been held by prison chief, ward’s chairperson and other authorities, regarding the condition of striker prisoners. On this meeting, the authorities tried to find a way for breaking the strike and cutting the information flow from these prisoners to outside the prison. One suggestion, which perhaps is agreed and passed, was to transfer them to solitary confinement. Later on, the Sunni prisoners have announced that they will not break their strike until they reach to their goals.”


Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Moulayi, Jamshid Dehghani and Jahangir Dehghani, are in hunger strike in protest to their death sentences and not being kept among other political prisoners since November 4, 2013.


Need to be mentioned, their families are on their 16th day of hunger strike. They have started their hunger strike in solidarity with them and after visiting these prisoners and noticing their bad condition. The father and Mother of Jamshid and Jahangir Dehghani are respectively 76 and 70 years old and Kamal Moulayi’s mother is 70 years old and they are in bad physical condition.

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