Supreme Court confirms a man’s death sentence

HRANA News Agency – The death sentence of a man who is charged with killing his temporary wife has been confirmed by the Supreme Court.


According to a report by Khorasan newspaper, Mehdi is charged with killing his temporary wife, Zohre, on July 25, 2009.

He accepted the charges during the Interrogations and said he has killed his wife with the collaboration of his cosine, Parvane, because she had relationship with another man.


Mehdi and Parvane have been tried in the branch 113 of Tehran criminal court.


Although Mehdi claims to kill his wife with the collaboration of Parvane she has some proofs which show she wasn’t involved in the murder.


She says: “Same days after killin Zohre, Mehid came to me and said she has killed his wife and needs to rent a news house.”


“Because of this we went to some estate agents and I introduced myself as his wife. I wasn’t involved in the murder.”


Then Mehdi said: “I was always suspicious of Zohre. So we got divorced but after a while we decided to marry again. She became my temporary wife but I was still suspicious of her. That was the time when I got arrested on charge of drug trafficking, thinking of her betrayal every moment in the prison. When I was in the prison I realized that she has reported me to the police to get rid of me. After a while I got a furlough, brought her to my cosine’s house and killed her while I was very angry. I cut her nose and gouged her eyes.”


The judges exonerated Parvane but sentenced Mehdi to death through being hanged.


The case was sent to the Supreme Court which was confirmed by the judges of branch 13.


According to this report if Zohre’s family does not forgive Mehdi he will be hanged soon.

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