Lawyer Sina Yousefi Sentenced to Imprisonment and Paying a Fine

Branch 112 of the Tabriz Criminal Court sentenced Sina (Hossein) Yousefi, attorney at law, to 91 days imprisonment and paying a 15-million-toman fine.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, lawyer Sina Yousefi was sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Yousefi received this sentence for “spreading falsehood on the Internet.”

“Giving unrealistic statistics” on arrests over recent protests in a tweet was presented to the court as an example of this charge.

For another part of his legal case, Yousefi has been sentenced to six months and a ban from leaving the country for two years.
Yousefi, who is the vice chairman of the human rights commission of the Azerbaijan Province bar association, clarifies, “Since so many people came to the commission asking for representing the arrestees over protests, we decided to establish a ‘defense committee’… Now, for doing my job, I have faced the charge of forming an illegal group.”

Yousefi, age about 38, was arrested by security forces on October 15, 2022. Twelve days later, he was released on bail from Tabriz Prison.