Ten Inmates Executed in Shiraz, Isfahan, Qaen, Kahnuj

In recent days, ten inmates were executed in various prisons across Iran, including Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan, Qaen Prison, and Adelabad Prison in Shiraz, as well as Kahnuj Prison.

The Iran Human Rights Organization reported the execution of three inmates convicted of murder in Adelabad Prison, Shiraz, on April 21. The executed individuals were identified as Hossein Tavana Kodiani, 49; Taleb Akbari, 43; and Reza Masroor, 43, a father of two.

The first inmate had committed murder four years ago. The second individual was involved in a murder during a fight, while the third, a farmer, committed murder in a dispute over farm water.

According to Haal Vsh, on April 28, 2024, three inmates were executed for drug offenses in Qaen Prison, located in South Khorasan province. Two of the inmates were identified as Mohsen Karami (Rakhshani), 27, and Brahui (first name unknown). Karami was arrested for drug offenses four years ago. A source cited in the report mentioned that these inmates did not have a final visit with their families before their execution.

Haal Vsh also reported the execution of three inmates in Dastgerd Prison, Isfahan, on April 29. One of the individuals was identified as Din-Mohammad Mirakhani, a resident of Iranshahr. All three were convicted of drug offenses.

Lastly, the Baloch Activists Campaign reported the execution of Mehdi Bamari, aged 24, in Kahnuj Prison in Kerman Province. He had been convicted of murder two years ago and was executed on the same day as the other inmates.

No official sources or domestic media outlets within the country have provided coverage of these executions at the time of writing. In 2023, 66% of HRANA’s reports on executions lacked official announcements by judicial authorities and went unreported by media inside Iran, highlighting a troubling lack of transparency in due process.

In 2023, the Department of Statistics and Publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran registered the execution of 767 individuals. Out of these, 7 were carried out in public. Among the executed individuals whose genders were identified, 21 were female. Additionally, 2 juvenile offenders, defined as individuals under the age of 18 at the time of their alleged crimes, were also executed. For a comprehensive examination of the details and statistics surrounding the executions in Iran, refer to HRANA’s annual report.