The List of Women, Imprisoned on Charge of Muharebeh

HRANA News Agency – Prisoners who have been sentenced with the old penal code, now have a chance of retrial, reduction of sentence and even freedom. Currently, many prisoners, including at least 11 female prisoners have heavy sentences on the charge of Muharebeh. The following list, as the first list of “prisoners with Muharebeh charges”, is concentrated on these 11 female prisoners.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), at least 11 female prisoners with Muharebeh charges are held in different prisons across the country and are serving heavy sentences. According to the new penal code and by changing the section about Muharebeh, they could ask for retrial. Many of them may find reduction in their sentences, and for some, due to a long time that they have already served there is a chance of being released. Continue reading “The List of Women, Imprisoned on Charge of Muharebeh”