Maryam Jalal Hosseini and Fatemeh Tadrisi Receive Lengthy Prison Sentences and Exile

In a recent verdict, the Revolutionary Court in Karaj has sentenced Maryam Jalal Hosseini and Fatemeh (Mojgan) Tadrisi to six years of imprisonment and a two-year exile on charges related to their political activities.

Presiding over the court, Judge Seyed Musa Asef-Al-Hosseini ruled that both individuals were guilty of “inciting people to violence, engaging in propaganda against the regime, insulting the Supreme Leader, and forming groups to act against national security.”

In addition to their prison terms, Fatemeh Tadrisi has been ordered to serve a mandatory two-year residence in Zanjan County, while Jalal Hosseini will be in exile in Ilam County. Presently, they are confined in Kachooie Prison, Karaj.

Security forces arrested Hosseini and Tadrisi in August of the previous year. Subsequently, on August 28, 2023, they were transferred to Kachooie Prison.

Both activists have a history of arrests and legal confrontations stemming from their engagement in activism.

Fariba Asadi Detained in Kachooie Prison for Over 20 Days

Fariba Asadi, a former political prisoner, remains in custody, enduring over 20 days of legal uncertainty within the confines of Kachooie Prison, Karaj.

A reliable source close to her family has conveyed to HRANA that Asadi faces charges related to violating hijab rules and spreading propaganda against the regime.

Notably, Asadi had previously been arrested by security forces in February 2021, alongside Mehran Delfan Azari, Meysam Gholami, and Masoud Vazifeh. They were detained on allegations of “propaganda against the regime” and “membership in an anti-regime group.”

On October 2, 2021, Branch 2 of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court sentenced Asadi to a one-year term for the charge of “propaganda against the regime.” Subsequently, she was taken into custody at her residence in Tehran in January 2022, in order to commence her sentence at Qarchak Prison in Varamin. However, she was ultimately released following a pardon under the “pardon and commutation” directive.

Teacher Union Activist Esmail Abdi Remains Detained for Months Despite Retrial Approval

HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency – Esmail (Esmaeil) Abdi, a teacher union activist, continues to be held in Kachooie Prison, Karaj, for over seven months after his request for a retrial was granted.

Monireh Abdi, his wife, shared with HRANA that “Despite the Supreme Court’s approval for a retrial, judicial officials are refusing to grant him bail. Seven months have passed, and Branch 29 of the Revolutionary Court has yet to review the case.”

“Abdi is currently confined in the military ward of Kachooie Prison. After repeated requests, the judicial authorities offered him a five-day furlough on a bail amount of one billion tomans. However, Abdi declined this leave, pointing out that since the Supreme Court overturned the verdict, he should be released on bail as per the law.”
Abdi’s retrial request was accepted by the Supreme Court on November 16, 2022.

On June 27, 2015, Abdi was arrested and interrogated for several hours at Evin Courthouse when he inquired about the reason for being prohibited from leaving the country. Following six months of detention, in March of the subsequent year, he was sentenced to six years in prison by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran on charges of “propaganda against the regime and assembly and collusion against national security,” with five years being enforceable.

Previously, Abdi had received a ten-year suspended sentence, intended to last for five years. However, during the last months of his five-year sentence, the court reactivated the suspended sentence by order.

Fatemeh Tadrisi Arrested in Tehran

On May 9, 2023, Fatemeh (Mojgan) Tadrisi was arrested by security forces and taken to Qarchak Prison in Varamin.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, on May 9, 2023, Fatemeh Tadrisi was arrested by security forces in Tehran.

According to an informed who spoke to HRANA, to participate in a teachers’ rally, Tadrisi went to Baharestan Square, where she was arrested by security forces. In a phone call, she informed her family that she had been detained in Qarchak Prison in Varamin. This marks Tadrisi’s third arrest since the start of the nationwide protests in 2022. She was previously detained for a month in Kachooie Prison and spent some time in Evin Prison.

The reasons for Tadrisi’s arrest and the allegations against her are currently unknown


Armita Abbasi Released from Kachooie Prison

On February 7, 2023, Armita Abbasi, arrested during nationwide protests, was released from Kachooie Prison, Karaj.

Details on her release are still unknown. However, she was likely released due to the recent pardon for jailed protestors.

In late September 2022, security forces arrested Abbasi in Karaj and jailed her in Kachooie prison.

On January 2, 2023, she and fourteen other female jailed protestors went on a hunger strike.

Her first hearing was held by the Karaj Revolutionary Court on January 29, 2023. According to her lawyer, Shahla Orouji, ” Abbasi faced three charges two of the least serious allegations are propaganda against the regime and assembly and collusion against national security.”


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Fifteen Women on Hunger Strike in Kachooie Prison

Fifteen women arrested at recent protests have been on hunger strike for five days in Kachooie Prison, Karaj.

HRANA has identified these women as:

  1. Elham Modarresi
  2. Armita Abbasi
  3. Fatemeh Harbi
  4. Jasmin Haj-Mirza Mohammadi
  5. Fatemeh Nazari-Nejad
  6. Shahrzad Derakhshan
  7. Fatemeh Jamalpour
  8. Nilloofar Shakeri
  9. Hamideh Zeraei
  10. Niloofar Kardooni
  11. Somayeh Masoumi
  12. Ansieh Mousavi
  13. Maedeh Sohrabi
  14. Fatemeh Mosleh Heidarzadeh
  15. Marzieh Mirghasem

An informed source told HRANA they went on hunger strike in protest against prolonged detention in uncertainty, poor sanitary conditions, inadequate medical care, being held in an overcrowded ward, the lack of access to a lawyer and unjust verdicts.

“The court hearing to examine the charges against Hamideh Zeraei, Fatemeh Harbi and Ansieh Mousavi was held through a video call in prison. Their attorneys were not present, and they were not given enough time to defend themselves,” the source added.

According to this source, Harbi received five years, of which she will be in prison in exile for two years. Zeraei and Mousavi are still awaiting the verdict.

According to other reports obtained by HRANA, pre-trial detention’s Elham Modarresi was extended for one month on January 3. Also, another informed source told HRANA that Modarresi was beaten by prison guards to end her hunger strike.

In Iran’s prisons, despite their physical and mental impairments, hunger strikes are common among prisoners. Hunger strikes are used as a last resort for protesting unlawful detention without trials, violations of prisoners’ rights and infringement on due process.



Nahid Shirpisheh Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Karaj Revolutionary Court sentenced Nahid Shirpisheh, Pouya Bakhtiari’s mother, to five years in prison. Shirpisheh has been jailed for two months. Bakhtiari was among the protestors who were killed in November 2019. 

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Shirpisheh was sentenced to five years in prison on the charges of “assembly and collusion”, and “propaganda against the regime.”

Shirpisheh is currently held in Kachooie Prison in Karaj. She has been prohibited from phone calls and family visits. She also has been denied medical care.

On July 11, 2022, security forces arrested the mothers of the individuals killed during the nationwide protests in 2019 known as the Aban protests, including Nahid Shirpisheh. In a news article, IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency called these justice-seeking families “agitators and troublemakers”.

In November of 2019, an increase in fuel prices sparked a wave of protests in dozens of cities. The spokesperson of the Parliamentary National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Seyed Hossein Taghavi, announced that 7000 people were arrested during these protests. According to reports from human rights organizations, hundreds were killed by the security apparatus.

Update on Alireza Saghafi’s Condition in Kachooie Prison

Workers’ rights activist Alireza Saghafi is serving his one-year sentence in Kachooie Prison in the same ward as the prisoners of violent crimes. Despite his poor health condition, he is denied medical furlough.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, workers’ rights activist Alireza Saghafi is held in the same ward as the prisoners of violent crimes in violation of prison rules.

An informed source told HRANA that Sagahafi suffers from high blood pressure. He also suffers from backache and walks with a cane.

Despite two times requests from the prison infirmary, Saghafi has not received proper medical treatment.

Saghafi was arrested in September 2019 and sentenced to one year in prison by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Karaj City on the charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

Inmates in Women’s Ward of Kachooie Prison Face Poor Conditions

Inmates in the Women’s Ward of Kachooie Prison in Karaj are being held in poor conditions, a new report reflects.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, the Women’s Ward is composed of one quarantine section, four salons, one corridor and one kitchen, and houses between 50 and 60 inmates.

Due to an inadequate heating system to warm the wards on increasingly-cold days, many inmates of this ward have gotten sick. Moreover, these inmates have to cope with many additional issues such as a shut-down kindergarten, shortages of bathroom and sanitary services, and a poorly-equipped food store.

This ward has only three toilets and one bathroom for the over 50 inmates. The shared kitchen is small and unsuitable. The food store fails to supply any foods and other requirements.

Some of the inmates are living with their little kids. For unknown reasons, the kindergarten of this ward has been closed.

Despite the inmates’ repeated complaints and demands that the heating system be fixed, the most urgent of these issues as the temperature drops, prison officials have not yet addressed the issue.

Political Prisoner Mojgan Kavousi Transferred Back to Evin Prison from Kachooie Prison

On Wednesday, October 13, political prisoner Mojgan Kavousi was sent back to Evin Prison from Kachooie Prison in Karaj.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Kavousi was relocated to Karaj police detention center a while ago, and from there to Kachooie Prison.

In a phone call with her family, Kavousi informed them about this relocation.  The reason for her transfer to Kachooie Prison is still unknown.

On July 26, 2021, Branch 28 of the appellate court in Mazandaran Province issued an order to transfer the political prisoner to a prison in Alborz Province for the remainder of her sentence.

“Due to  COVID-related restrictions making family visitation difficult, Mrs Kavousi asked for transferring to Noshahr where her family are living,” an informed source told HRANA. “On July 13, 2021, they transferred her to Noshahr but after spending one-night in police detention centre, they sent her back to Tehran. Considering that her family are residing in either Tehran or Noshahr, it is not clear why she should be transferred to a prison in Alborz Province.”

On November 20, 2019, Mojgan Kavousi was arrested by security forces amid nationwide protests in the mid-fall of the year, from her home in Noshahr. After being held three weeks in detention, she was sent to Noshahr Prison. On December 19, 2019, she was released on bail.

The Revolutionary Court in Noshahr sentenced her to 6 months on a charge of “the propaganda against the regime”, 33 months on a charge of “membership in opposition parties” and 30 months on a charge of “provoking to disturb the public order”. During the appeal process, the sentence was increased by seven months due to the influence of the prosecutor.

Mojgan Kavouci is a writer, researcher and follower of Yarsanism.