Update on the Condition of Political Prisoner Sarina Jahani in Evin Prison

Sarina Jahani, a political prisoner, is currently serving a two-year sentence at Evin Prison.

According to a source close to her family who informed HRANA, the Revolutionary Court in Shahriar convicted Jahani of “assembly and collusion against national security.” She began serving this prison term on February 6, 2024.

Twenty-year-old Jahani was apprehended by security forces in Shahriar on September 16, 2023, coinciding with the anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death. Initially held at Qarchak Prison in Varamin, she was later transferred to Evin Prison. On November 4, 2023, she was granted release on bail.

Judo Coach Kaveh Amiri Arrested in Shahriar

On January 2, 2024, Kaveh Amiri was apprehended by security forces after his appearance at the Revolutionary Court in Shahriar.

A source close to his family verified Amiri’s arrest following his court appearance. Post-arrest, agents reportedly conducted searches at both his residence and his mother’s house.

The precise location of his current detention remains undisclosed.

Amiri’s initial arrest occurred on September 10 of the same year, after a summons and interrogation by the Security Police of Shahriar County. Within 24 hours, he was transferred to Evin Prison and subsequently released on bail on September 13.

Following legal proceedings, Amiri was later sentenced to eight months for “spreading propaganda against the regime,” a verdict that withstood appeal.

At 39 years old, Amiri is a judo coach and resident of Shahriar. The circumstances surrounding his recent arrest and the charges brought against him remain a cause for concern.

Kaveh Amiri’s Eight-Month Prison Sentence Upheld on Appeal

The Tehran Court of Appeal has affirmed an eight-month sentence for Kaveh Amiri, a resident of Shahriar.

Amiri was found guilty of “spreading propaganda against the regime,” and the time served during his detention will be deducted from this prison term.
His arrest took place on September 10 of this year, following summons and interrogation by the Security Police of Shahriar County. Within one day, he was transferred to Evin Prison and subsequently released on bail on September 13.

Aged 39, Amiri is a judo coach and resident of Shahriar. The upheld sentence raises questions about the nature of the charges and the implications for freedom of expression.

Kaveh Amiri Receives Eight-Month Prison Sentence for Propaganda-Related Charges

The Shahriar Revolutionary Court has issued an eight-month prison sentence to Kaveh Amiri, aged 39.

Judge Barjesteh, who presided over the case, recently informed Amiri that he has been sentenced to eight months for “spreading propaganda against the regime,” including time served during detention. Notably, Amiri has been acquitted of the charge of “disturbing public opinion and endangering national security.”

On September 10, 2023, Amiri was summoned to the Shahriar Public Security Police, where he was subsequently arrested and held in Evin Prison following an interrogation. He was released on bail after three days.

Civil Rights Advocate Yashar Tabrizi Receives One-Year Sentence

Yashar Tabrizi (Akbar Gholizadeh), a civil rights advocate and former political prisoner, has been handed a one-year prison sentence by the Shahriar Revolutionary Court.

The presiding judge, Barjesteh, relayed to Tabrizi’s legal counsel that his client had been sentenced to a year behind bars for charges related to “propaganda against the regime.” A reliable source indicates that Tabrizi is awaiting an additional verdict from the Shahriar Criminal Court on the allegation of “spreading falsehood.”

Following his arrest in Tehran on June 10, 2023, Tabrizi was transported to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. He secured his release from Evin Prison on bail after a 14-day period, pending the conclusion of legal procedures.

This civil rights advocate has faced previous detentions and convictions due to his activism.


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Former Political Prisoner Hojatollah Rafei Arrested in Shahriar

On August 23, yesterday, Hojatollah Rafei, a former political prisoner, was apprehended by intelligence agents of the IRGC in Shahriar, located in Tehran Province. He was subsequently moved to an undisclosed location.

A source close to Rafei’s family informed HRANA that IRGC intelligence agents had apprehended him at his residence. The agents also conducted a thorough search and confiscated some of his belongings.

Rafei, a teacher in Shahriar County, has faced arrests and convictions before for his activism. In February 2023, he was released from Evin Prison in February 2023, following his inclusion in the “general pardon and commutation” directive.

Tahereh Bajrovani Sentenced to Imprisonment

The Shahriar Revolutionary Court sentenced Tahereh Bajrovani, imprisoned in Evin Prison, to one and a half years. Bajrovani’s husband, Ali Fotoohi Koohsare, was killed by regime forces during the 2019–2020 Iranian protests.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Tahereh Bajrovani was sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

According to this verdict issued by the Shahriar Revolutionary Court, headed by Judge Esmail Barjesteh, Bajrovani was convicted of “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran.”

On December 21, 2022, security forces arrested Bajrovani at her workplace in Tehran and took her to Ward 209 of Evin Prison. After 33 days of interrogation, she was relocated to the women’s ward of Evin Prison.

About Iran Nationwide Protests 2022

The arrest of Mahsa Amini by Tehran Morality Police for her alleged improper hejab and her suspicious death on September 16 sparked protests sweeping across Iran. During these protests, at least about 19760 people, including journalists, artists, lawyers, teachers, students and civil rights activists, were arrested.






One Year Home Detention Given to Nine Baha’i Citizens

On August 2, 2022, the one-year sentences of nine Baha’is were carried out in the form of home detention using an electronic monitoring device. Previously, the Revolutionary Court of Shahriar had sentenced each of the individuals to one year in prison. These verdicts were upheld on appeal.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, on July 2, 2022, nine Baha’i citizens, Hooman Khoshnam, Elham Salmanzadeh, Payam Shabani, Kianoosh Slamanzadeh Soroosh Agahi, Parvan Manavi, Jamileh Pakro, Peyman Manavi and Neda Shabani started serving their one-year sentence as home detention using the electronic monitoring device.

According to this verdict, these individuals can go up to 500 meters in the periphery of their residence, and they have to pay for the monitoring devices.

These individuals have been detained in Ward 209 of Evin Prison from September to December 2018, In August 2020, Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Shahriar convicted them for “propaganda against the regime through promoting the Baha’i faith.”

Milad Arsanjani Sentenced to Fifteen Months in Prison

Recently, Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Shahriar sentenced former political prisoner Milad Arsanjani, who is currently detained in the Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary to 15 months in prison.   

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Milad Arsanjani was sentenced to nine months imprisonment on the charge of “offensive statements against the Supreme Leader of Iran” and six months on the charge of “propaganda against the regime”. If  Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code is applied, nine months is the maximum punishment enforceable for Arsanjani.

On November 3, 2021, Arsanjani was arrested by security forces and on November 29, he was transferred to the Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary where he has been held since.

An informed source told HRANA that since the arrest, Arsanjani’s family has been under constant pressure by security agents to not disclose any information about his condition. 

Milad Arsanjani had already faced another arrest for his civil activities. During the nationwide protests in 2019, he was arrested at his house in Shahriar City. Subsequently, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced him to two years imprisonment on the charge of “offensive statements against the Supreme Leader” and to five years imprisonment for the charge of “assembly and collusion”. During his trial, housing a person who was injured during the November 2019 protests was also used against him. On August 7, 2021, he was released from the Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary.

Two Citizens Arrested For Chanting Anti-Regime Slogans

Iran’s Commander-in-Chief announced that two citizens have been arrested in Shahriar County in Tehran Province for chanting anti-regime slogans over a loudspeaker.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Mehr News Agency, the Commander-in-Chief stated that the citizens were “in some parts of the Shahriar City, chanting anti-regime slogans with small size loudspeakers. The police in Western Tehran began to investigate the case and subsequently, two citizens were arrested”.

According to this announcement, the police searched the house of the arrestees and confiscated some of their belongings, including flash memories, speakers, SIM cards and cell phones. The police did not reveal the identity of these citizens.

Earlier, in Bazar Reza in Mashhad, anti-regime slogans were shouted and one citizen was arrested by the IRGC Intelligence forces of Razavi Khorasan.