Iranian Labour News Agency Staff Intimidated and Arrested by Security Forces

Since the outbreak of nationwide protests, Labour News Agency (ILNA) staff have been subjected to intimidation and arrest by security institutions.

Somayeh Masroor, the head of ILNA, was arrested at protests and released on bail after a few days.

In another case, leaving the country toward Qatar in order to cover the football world cup news, ILNA’s sports editor was stopped at the airport by security forces. The agents arrested him and seized his passport.

Several other staff have also been summoned, interrogated and forced to sign a letter of commitment.
On Wednesday, November 23, IRGC forces arrested ILNA’s reporter Reza Asad-Abadi at his house. Since then, he has not called his family.
Also, in mid-November, judicial authorities banned another ILNA reporter in Qazvin, Seyyed Mostafa Jafari, from practising journalism. He was also banned from leaving the country for six months.