Three Female Journalists Summoned to Present Final Defense

Three journalists Saeedeh Shafiee, Mehrnoosh Zarei Hanzaki, and Nasim Sultan Beigi, have been summoned to present their final defense at the Evin courthouse in Tehran.

The journalists were notified separately on April 24th to appear at the Evin courthouse within five days to present their final defense and closing arguments. They are accused of “propaganda against the regime,” with their various writings cited as evidence.

Nasim Sultan Beigi, a journalist and former student activist, was arrested by IRGC intelligence agents at the airport while leaving the country on January 11, 2023, and taken to Evin prison. She was temporarily released on February 6th of the same year, pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Saeedeh Shafiee, a journalist and writer, was arrested by security forces in Tehran on January 22, 2023. She was temporarily released after posting a bail of 500 million tomans, pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Mehrnoosh Zarei Hanzaki, who has worked with ILNA, ISKA, Chalcheragh, and Anna news agencies, was arrested by security forces in Tehran on January 22, 2023. She was transferred to the IRGC Intelligence Detention Center, known as Section Two, before being moved to Evin prison. This journalist suffers from migraines and was denied access to her medication during detention. She was finally released from Evin prison in mid-February 2023.

At the time of their release, it was widely assumed that they, along with many other imprisoned protestors, had been granted amnesty under the “pardon and commutation” directive, which was supported by statements made by judicial officials. However, it has since come to light that this assumption was incorrect, and they are still facing ongoing legal proceedings, as evidenced by the summonses they have received.

Several Tour Members Arrested in Dezful

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Dezful announced the arrest of several tour members in Dezful County.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ILNA, several tour members were arrested in Dezful.

Without disclosing the number of detainees and the allegations, the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Dezful, Mehdi Amadeh, mentioned breaking norms and indecent acts as the reason for the arrest.

According to this judicial official, this tour had lodged adjacent to Dez Dam Lake in Dezful Country. He also stated that the tour leader was jailed in prison.

What the regime labels “promoting a western lifestyle” has long been a source of tension between the regime and the Iranian people.
Iran’s regime routinely violates citizens’ privacy rights and cultural activities, deemed at variance with Islamic values.


Iranian Labour News Agency Staff Intimidated and Arrested by Security Forces

Since the outbreak of nationwide protests, Labour News Agency (ILNA) staff have been subjected to intimidation and arrest by security institutions.

Somayeh Masroor, the head of ILNA, was arrested at protests and released on bail after a few days.

In another case, leaving the country toward Qatar in order to cover the football world cup news, ILNA’s sports editor was stopped at the airport by security forces. The agents arrested him and seized his passport.

Several other staff have also been summoned, interrogated and forced to sign a letter of commitment.
On Wednesday, November 23, IRGC forces arrested ILNA’s reporter Reza Asad-Abadi at his house. Since then, he has not called his family.
Also, in mid-November, judicial authorities banned another ILNA reporter in Qazvin, Seyyed Mostafa Jafari, from practising journalism. He was also banned from leaving the country for six months.


Two Workers Killed Due to Unsafe Workplace Conditions in Zanjan and Mahabad

On Saturday, November 27 and Sunday, November 28th,  two workers lost their lives in workplace accidents in Mahabad and Zanjan cities, respectively.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Rokna news, on Sunday, November 28,  a worker was killed in an explosion at a welding workshop in Zanjan City. Jafari Roohi, head of Zanjan’s Emergency Medical Center, commented on the incident.

“Two ambulances were dispatched to the spot. The injured man, 30 years old, had been killed right after the explosion,” Roohi said. He added that the victim died due to the explosion of a gas tank in a welding workshop.

In Mahabad, according to ILNA, a construction worker fell from the third floor of an under-construction building and lost his life.

“Today, a-31 year-old worker who was concreting a column construction fell from the third floor and died immediately,” the Mahabad Chief of Police commented.

Iran ranks 102nd in workplace safety among 189 countries.


One Worker Killed, Two Others Injured due to Unsafe Workplace Conditions

In recent days one worker lost his life and two others were injured due to due to unsafe workplace conditions.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ILNA, spokesperson of the Tehran Fire Department Jalal Maleki announced the severe injury of one firefighter during a recent firefighting operation.

“At 1:24 am, the Fire Department was called on about an extensive fire in a commercial building and immediately firefighters of five stations dispatched to the spot,” Maleki commented. “The building had three floors as well as an attic. On the third floor, five stores were totally burned and the fire (had) spread to the attic. When the firefighters reached on spot, the fire had swept through the entire third floor. They began immediately to extinguish the fire with regard to all (safety) issues. But a part of the roof was demolished and one of the firefighters who was wounded was transferred to the hospital.”

According to IRIB, a fire incident in a cotton products factory in Garmsir City caused injury to a worker.

“Two teams were dispatched to the spot and extinguished the fire after thirty minutes,” the head of the fire department in Garmsir City commented.

According to him, a man about 70 years old was injured from the fire and subsequently transferred to a hospital.

According to ISNA, the head of the fire department of Mashhad City additionally announced the death of a young worker due to the debris falling in a building during the demolition process.

According to him, for unknown reasons, the debris fell on a worker and killed him, after which firefighters pulled his body from the debris.

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Citizen Detained by IRGC intelligence in Ardabil Province

IRGC intelligence agents recently arrested a citizen in one of the cities of Ardabil Province.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ILNA, the citizen was arrested for what is being called “insulting Islamic sanctities”, “disturbing the public mind”, and “publishing [disappointing] content to blacken [catastrophize] the situation in the country”.

The citizen was transferred to prison by order of a judicial official. The report does not mention the identity of the detainee, the name of the city he was detained in, or the prison where he is being held.

Five Journalists Fired from Iran Labor News Agency

HRANA News Agency – The five-member team of “Workers Department” in ILNA (Iranian Labour News Agency) have been dismissed as a group.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mr. Esmail Mohammad Vali, editor of the “Workers Department”, announced this news and wrote: “Although my job title was the “administrative secretary” of the Workers’ Group, but all the people in ILNA knew that our group was running as council so that we were all fired.” Continue reading “Five Journalists Fired from Iran Labor News Agency”