The parliament rejected the new labor law of the government

HRANA News Agency – Workers fraction head in parliament said: “The bill that the government proposed to make reform in the labor law was not confirmed by commission of labors and employers.”

Alireza Mahjoob announced this matter to ILNA and said: “A meeting was held by social committee of the parliament to study the government bill in terms of labor law reform but the envoys of association of labors and employers announced their disapproval about the government bill.”

“Then social committee of the parliament besides of sending back the government bill, asked the supervisor of labor and social welfare ministry to form the council meeting as soon as possible regarding to investigate this bill.

The head of labor house declared that according to the fifth program of development the government has to set the reform bill regarding labor law based on the agreement of associations of labors and employers and send to parliament for voting and said: “The reaction of the associations showing that government has acted unlike the program guidelines.”

“Parliament will put reform bill study in its agenda whenever assured of the formation of labor law reform bill according to the program guidelines and the involvement and cooperation of the social associations.”, Mahjoob said.

Workers fraction head of parliament clarified that the labor law reform bill including merely the government suggestions and said: “In this bill there at least 7 points that the social associations disapproved about them.”

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