Torture and Threats of 15 Times Execution; A Report about Mohammad Ali Taheri

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Ali Taheri, prisoner of conscience in Evin Prison in a letter announced the atrocities which he has seen over the past six years and asked to be released by the head of Branch 26 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran. HRANA continues to investigate 55 pages of the latest defense of Mohamad Ali Taheri and his legal team’s defense.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Ali Taheri, prisoner of conscience in Evin Prison and founder of Erfan-e-Halghe in Iran in addition to 48 pages of the legal team’s defense, had written a 7-page long letter to the head of Branch 26 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran on December 3, 2016 and called him to release him “after more than six and half years investigating the allegations” and with regard to several cases that he had raised in the letter.
In the letter Taheri initially, had mentioned that “there is no other charge under investigation (Due to the lack of consistency of alleged corruption on earth with the new and the old law and the issuance of prosecution for other charges)”.
The prisoner of conscience also in the introduction of the letter, has clearly announced “lack of any desire and motivation to continue working on the issue of curriculum Art Institute of Erfan-e-Halghe or Keihan which according to him had been closed in 2008 and dismantled in 2011 and also added that he had announced to not work on Erfan-e-Halghe and end any accumulation and contribution to activities scattered on the field.”

He also asked to be allowed to use his time “to address personal and family life”. He wrote that he and his family needed to live in a peaceful environment without border and away from any intellectual engagement, threatening and intimidating.
The founder of Erfan-e-Halghe had announced Shahadatain and his belief in the principles of Islam and Shiism and that he was “seeking forgiveness from God Almighty for what may have been unwillingly committed”.
Mohammad Ali Taheri in the letter, while explaining the story of his arrest on April 18, 2010 and the charges against him with the initial individual period (66 days) in a building in north of Tehran University says that he was held in ward 2-A, Special Detention of Intelligence of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the solitary for months and has elapsed what he called “physical and mental hardship and enormous pressure”.
Taheri also says that it was announced to him that a sentence of fifteen-times-execution was issued for him without going to court. Also Taheri announced that they had created the scene of numerous, to intimidate and put pressure on him and said that he had gone on hunger strike for several times in this period. He also says that they had attempted to obtain confessions, interviews and dictated false stories, but interrogators and experts have not been able to do this. Taheri says that in the winter of 2011 he had reported these threats and practices to Pirabbasi, head of Branch 26 of Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court.
The prisoner of conscience in his letter considers himself as “a victim of some one’s influence” who are going to “destroy” him.
Founder of Erfan-e-Halghe had announced in the letter that at the hearing of the court in 2015 and 2016, he had informed the court that “illegal Interviews had been done by resorting to unconventional methods” by “the interrogator Asadi and experts in 2011”. Taheri also noted that this interview was not “legal”.
Mohammad Ali Taheri mentioned the need for the return of personal properties that were confiscated from his home and institution, and in relation to his pupils, he considers them as different strata of society who could not tolerate the oppression against the innocent teacher who protest against this issue to defend him on the basis of religious teachings. Taheri in the letter had protested against the arrests of his students and supporters of Erfan-e-Halghe.
Mohammad Ali Taheri, prisoners of conscience in prison Evin at the end demands his freedom and has told “If I return to the family, more damages will be stopped and my mind will be calm and all the events will be forgotten and I would like to forget all cattle and complaints.”

Recently, Alizadeh Tabatabai lawyer of Mohammad Ali Taheri also announced that despite the appeals court, his client was not send to trial.
On the basis of the final verdict which is set at Shahid moghadas court on July 3, 2016, Mohammad Ali Taheri in connection with charges of 1. Gathering and colluding with intention to commit a crime against national security through membership in a group of guerrillas and 2. Apostasy and insulting the prophet “according to the case and documents and referring to the accused who denied committing the alleged crimes at all stages of researching and also officers have no legal and compelling reasons to substantiate their claims, so in Article 265 of the Code of Criminal Procedure approved in 2014, the prosecution for accused will be issued and it will be announced that the issued verdict would be objectionable after approval of prosecutor within ten days after the notification.”
It was signed by Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, the head of third branch of Shahid Moghadas court.
Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of Erfan-e-Halghe in Iran for the last time was arrested and detained on May 4, 2011 and was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 74 lashes and 900 million Toman fine on charges of “blasphemy”, “illegal medical intervention and treatment of patients”, “committing the unlawful act and the relationship illegitimate “,” unauthorized use of academic titles doctor and engineer “,” subversive of books and works ” by the Revolutionary Court.
Corruption on earth through distract people, was other charges against Taheri.
The sentence of Mr. Taheri for the first case had been ended, however, by creating a new case his detention was extended and his release have so far been prevented.

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