Two Death Row Arab Political Prisoners Exiled to Isfahan Prison

HRANA News Agency – Two death row Arab political prisoners from Ahwaz were exiled to Isfahan Prison from the Ahwaz intelligence Detention Center.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the families of the two defendants were told that “Qasem Abdollah” and “Abdullah Karmalachab” had been transferred to Isfahan Prison and were in the Quarantine during a phone call from Isfahan Prison On Monday, October 30, 2017.
Qasem Abdollah and Abdullah Karmalachab (Abdullahi) from Shush, were tried along with seven other defendants on charge of Muharebeh and communicating with groups outside the country, as well as propaganda against the regime in 2017. The death sentence was issued for the two defendants and the impressment sentence was issued for the other defendants.
All defendants denied the allegations in the court.
Two death row prisoners have not had any contact and meetings with their families after a long period of detention and then conviction.
An informed source told HRANA’s reporter that, “Qasem and Abdullah have not had any contact or visits since the day they were arrested until October 31, 2017. Their families do not know the legal process that led to the issuance of the verdict.”
A source close to the defendants of the case, quoted by these prisoners, had previously told HRANA that “we were accused of shooting at Dezful’s mourning, a charge that we did not accept, and even Qasim and Abdullah told the judge that the intelligence ministry knows the shooters in Safi Aba of Dezful, and we have no connection with the subject.”
Two years ago, unknown people in Safi Abad in Dezful, attacked the mourning board site of Qamar Bani Hasham by a Peugeot car and killed two people. 15 Arab citizens were arrested in the nearby villages of Shush a day after the incident.
It is said that both prisoners have described the allegations as unfounded and consider it as creating a case against them by the security apparatus because of their religious activities. These two defendants are Sunni Muslims.
On the other hand, relatives of Qasim Bait Abdullah say, he has been the guardian of the heavy machinery of Fatah al-Mubin on the Shawur-Shush route on the night of Friday, October 16, 2015, the Safi Abad Dezful incident, and there are strong evidences about this.
The Islamic Council in the villages of the accused, elders and a number of people in the region, have emphasized in a letter to the judicial and security authorities that these individuals were innocent and committed in the region and had no connection with the accusations.
It should be noted that these people, mostly residents of Shush and its suburbs, were charged with “muharebeh through formation of Chand-ol-Farah group, membership in opposition groups and propaganda against the regime”. The defendants in the first and second row, named Abdullah Abdullahi (33, resident of Shawor) and Qasim Bait Abdullah (resident of Derakhal village) were sentenced to death.
Other defendants in the case were also sentenced to various imprisonment terms.

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