Two Facebook users were arrested by FATA police

HRANA News Agency – Two users who have insulted the regime officials on Facebook have been arrested, FATA police headquarter in Semnan said.


According to Mehr news report, major Seyyed Ali Mirahmadi on Tuesday among the correspondents in the Semnan police main building said that two users who have insulted on regime officials on Facebook have been arrested and claimed “Increasing the internet space security by monitoring and continuous following up is the main goal of FATA police.”


He said that “The police officers found a page on Facebook including some pictures which contained offensive content to regime officials.”


The Semnan police chief declared that “Finding the criminals became the priority and the police experts found them and finished this case by their professional skills.”


Full control on cyberspace by Police


“The details and addresses of admins of that page who are a 45 years old man and a 35 years old woman obtained, and then the legal process for their arrest was done.”, Mirahmadi said.


“The accused ones were arrested in Semanan and Mehdishahr and then interrogation started. With the undeniable documents and evidences of police, they confessed on their criminal act annd then they were handed over to the judicial section”, Mirahmadi continued.

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