Zaynab Jalalian still imprisoned in Kermanshah

HRANA News Agency – Zeynab Jalalian, a Kurdish citizen of Maku, who is kept in Diesel-Abad prison, did not find the permission of transfer to the prison of her residency.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Zeynab Jalalian, the prisoner of women ward of Diesel-Abad prison of Kermanshah, had been requested several times for being transferred to her residence city’s prison which has been rejected every time.
This is happening while this request is supposed as a right.
Her attorney, Amirsalar Davoodi wrote on his Facebook page: “Unfortunately, during past two months, the number of authority’s inspection from the ward that Zeynab is being kept and especially her private sphere has increased even that in a telephone contact, Zeynab called it harassment and complained about it.”
He continued: “Zeynab Jalalian has spent about 5 years in prison, yet she did not have any furlough, which is a right while her behavior is recognized as an exemplary woman.”
An informed source who wanted to remain unknown said to HRANA’s reporter: “The security and intelligence authorities asked Zeynab Jalalian to attend in an interview.”
Zeynab Jalalian was arrested on 2008 by intelligence service and security forces of Kermanshah and was first sentenced to death and then to lifetime prison.
This political prisoner has been under pressure during past years and had multiple hunger strikes, in protest to her condition.

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