Hassan Bagherinia, Ex-Faculty of Hakim Sabzevari University, Detained

On June 2, 2024, Hassan Bagherinia, a former faculty member at Hakim Sabzevari University, was detained after visiting the Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s offices in Mashhad and subsequently taken to an undisclosed location.

Following his detention, security personnel conducted a search of Bagherinia’s home, during which they seized various personal items belonging to him and his family.

Details regarding the reasons for Bagherinia’s arrest, his current location, and any specific charges have not been disclosed. Bagherinia has previously faced legal challenges related to his activism.

Hatav Akrami Detained by Security Forces in Bukan

On May 31, 2024, security forces arrested Hatav Akrami in Bukan and transferred her to an undisclosed location, according to Kurdpa.

Akrami was reportedly visiting Iran to attend a relative’s wedding. She was arrested at her parent’s house, where agents searched the premises and confiscated some of her personal items. The report also mentioned that Akrami’s Instagram page has become inaccessible after she published posts critical of the authorities.

Akrami’s whereabouts and the charges against her are unknown at this time.


Aida Shakarami Charged with “Inciting Immorality and Indecency”

Aida Shakarami, sister of the deceased protester Nika Shakarami, has been formally charged with “inciting immorality and indecency” and “disobedience to officers.”

Her lawyer, Reza Shafakhah, confirmed that the Criminal Court of Tehran is handling the case, with the court session scheduled for June 24, 2024.
Tehran’s Morality Police initially detained Aida and subsequently released her on bail from Shahr-e-Ray Prison on March 23 of this year.
Her sister Nika, a sixteen-year-old from Khorramabad, was tragically killed during protests in Tehran on September 21, 2022.

Appellate Court Confirms Lengthy Sentences for Eleven Women’s Rights Advocates

The Appellate Court of Gilan Province has confirmed a total of over 60 years in prison sentences for eleven women’s rights advocates.

The ruling, issued on May 28 by Branch 11 and overseen by Judge Mohammad-Sadegh Iran-Aghideh, includes a sentence of nine years, six months, and two days for Zohreh Dadras. She was charged with “forming a group to act against national security.”

Others, including Forough Saminia, Sara Jahani, Yasamin Hashdari, Shiva Shah Sia, Negin Rezaie, Azadeh Chavoshian, and Matin Yazdani, received six years and 47 days each for “joining a group to act against national security.” Additionally, Hooman Taheri and Jelveh Javaheri were each sentenced to one year in prison on charges of “propaganda against the regime.”

The original verdict was issued in late March 2024 following their detention in various cities across Gilan province on August 16 and 17, 2023. They were later released on bail from Lakan Prison in Rasht pending the outcome of their appeals.


Zhina Modarresi Gorji Receives 21-Year Prison Sentence

The Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj sentenced Zhina (Jina) Modarresi Gorji to 21 years in prison and mandated her exile, as reported by the Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations.

The sentence comprises ten years for “forming illegal groups aimed at overthrowing the regime,” ten years for “collaborating with hostile countries and groups,” and one year for “propaganda against the regime.” Additionally, the court decreed her imprisonment to be served in exile at Hamedan Prison. The case has also been referred to the Criminal Court of Sanandaj to consider further charges, including “disseminating false information” and “inciting people to violence.”

This ruling was notably influenced by reports from the Ministry of Intelligence.

Also, on April 16, 2024, authorities closed Gorji’s bookstore in response to alleged violations of hijab regulations enforced by the Department of Public Safety.

Gorji was initially arrested by security forces on April 10, 2023, in Sanandaj and held at Sanandaj Correctional Prison until her release on bail on July 3, 2023. She had also been previously detained in September 2022 but was released on bail on October 30 of that year.

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Attorney Amir-Hossein Koohkan Sentenced to Six Years

The Revolutionary Court in Karaj has sentenced attorney Amir-Hossein Koohkan to six years in prison on political charges. Koohkan faced accusations of “assembly and collusion against national security and propaganda against the regime.”

He was initially detained on August 30, 2023, after being summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence office in Karaj and was later released on bail from Kachooie prison in mid-December 2023.

Koohkan served as the legal representative for the family of Mohammad-Mehdi Karami, who was executed following his arrest during the nationwide protests in 2022.

Koroush Jalil Detained by the Ministry of Intelligence

On May 24, 2024, Koroush Jalil was detained by security forces and taken to an undisclosed location, according to a source close to his family.

Confirming Jalil’s arrest, a source close to his family informed HRANA that the Ministry of Intelligence is responsible for his arrest.

Jalil previously faced arrest on May 12, 2022, in connection with a protest organized by working and retired teachers and educators in Yasuj. After being formally charged, he was temporarily released on bail.

In February 2024, Jalil was again implicated in legal issues, facing multiple charges including “propaganda against the regime through activities on Instagram,” “inciting violence by calling for protests and causing unrest via social media posts,” “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” and “blasphemy, which includes derogatory comments about the Quran, Kaaba, the Islamic prophet, and Shia Imams.”

In March of the same year, the Revolutionary Court of Yasuj convened to address these allegations against Jalil and five other co-defendants.

Jalil, a 43-year-old resident of Yasuj, has previously encountered law enforcement and undergone prior arrest due to his activism.

Ali Reyhani Kujuvar Detained for Remarks on Iranian President’s Death

Security forces have detained Ali Reyhani Kujuvar after he posted comments about the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. Reyhani is currently held in Tabriz prison.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, May 20th, when a helicopter carrying President Raisi and several officials, including Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, crashed in the Dizmar forest between Varzaqan and Jolfa. Official media reported the deaths of Raisi and his companions the following morning, after locating the crash site and the wreckage. Numerous citizens have been arrested or faced legal action for expressing views on the incident, which the authorities have found objectionable.

Appellate Court Upholds One-Year Sentence for Political Activist Reza Ramezanzadeh

Branch 36 of the Tehran Appellate Court has upheld a one-year prison sentence for Reza Ramezanzadeh.

The sentence was originally imposed by Branch 24 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, which convicted Ramezanzadeh of “disseminating false information” related to reporting on the conditions of prisoners.

Ramezanzadeh was initially detained in late February 2024 after attending a hearing at the Evin Prosecutor’s Office. He was released on bail three days later.

This incident marks another chapter in Ramezanzadeh’s history of arrests and legal challenges stemming from his political activism.

Journalist Manijeh Moazenzadeh Charged Over Comments on Iranian President’s Death

The Culture and Media Prosecutor’s Office has initiated legal proceedings against journalist and translator Manijeh Moazenzadeh following her article about the helicopter crash that resulted in the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Moazenzadeh revealed, “I am facing legal action for my reaction to President Raisi’s death and how I reported it.” She also mentioned that an existing legal case against her, which includes three charges, is still pending without any court hearing scheduled.

Previously, in November 2022, Moazenzadeh was detained by security forces and subsequently released on bail after 19 days. She is currently affiliated with EcoIran and the weekly magazine Tejarat-e-Farda.