A judicial authority visited the Sunni hunger strikers

HRANA News Agency – “Toorag” the political deputy prosecutor of Tehran and Evin prison’s chairperson has visited the prisoners who are on hunger strike.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the political deputy prosecutor of Tehran and Evin prison’s court chairperson, with the name of Toorag, visited the Sunni prisoners for the first time during last 57 days and practically negotiated with them.


An informed source told to HRANA’s reporter: “Mr. Toorag had told to the Sunni prisoners to break the strike and he will consider their case. But the prisoners responded there is no guarantee that if they break the strike he will not execute them. Mr. Toorag did not respond them in this case. The Sunni prisoners have said to political deputy and chairperson of Moghadas court of Evin prison to first take them back to Rajaei Shahr prison and execute a public trial for them then they will break the strike. But, Mr. Toorag disagreed with this suggestion. Another suggestion of the prisoners was a promise for fair public trial in front of their families, which Mr. Toorag rejected this suggestion as well. The Sunni prisoners of conscientious who are charged with ambiguous and blurry charges and sentenced to death, said to Toorag, the deputy prosecutor of Tehran that they had broken their strike two times by his promises but there was no change in our condition. They are now counting down moments, waiting to be executed, but will not trust him anymore.”


Need to be mentioned, due to long hunger strike the health condition of Hamed Ahmadi and Jamshid Dehghani is very severe, and they require emergency medical treatment but prison authorities and security forces are continuously ignoring their condition.


Hamed Ahmadi, Jamshid Dehghani, Jahangir Dehghani and Kamal Moulayi are in hunger strike from 57 days ago.


According to the statements of their attorneys, the death sentence of Seyed Hadi Hosseini and Seddigh Mohammadi is rejected by the Supreme Court and the case was sent back to Sanandaj court.


These two prisoners were on hunger strike for 55 days align with other prisoners and they broke it by dropping the death sentence.


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