One of Iran Freedom Movement members arrested

HRANA News Agency – Mehdi Mo’tamedi Mehr the member of Iran Freedom movement arrested on March 16th of 2013 right after his home inspection.

Mehdi Mo’tamedi Mehr was sentenced to five years imprisonment by branch 28 of revolutionary court on charge of membership in Iran Freedom Movement, participation in Ashoora protest and writing columns in purpose of criticizing the regime which the verdict was confirmed by appealed.

He was arrested for first time in April of 2009 in accusation of having role in organizing and publishing the statement to ask international community for observations during 10th presidential elections and was released by bail after 45 days in solitaire cell; The second time he was arrested after Ashoora of 2009 in accusation of participation in the protest and was released about two months later on March 1st of 2010.

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