Pressure on hunger strikers at Uremia Prison has increased

HRANA News Agency – Authorities’ pressure to break the hunger strike of 28 political prisoners detained in the central prison of Uremia (Darya) has increased.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Saturday, 6th December, Intelligence Ministry representative summoned Osman Mostafapour, one of the prisoners in the prison of Uremia to the security office and asked him to stop hunger strike by disport from the strikers.
Also, prison warden, took Vali Afshari to the prison guards’ office. Following that transfer, the prison officials warned him that he have to break his hunger strike as soon as possible and also talked to his brothers and tried to convince them to break the hunger strike, too.
Pressures on political prisoners in Uremia prison for breaking the hunger strike and indifference to their demands has increased, while the strikers’ health condition have  deteriorated. Following this condition, on Sunday evening, 7th December, Alireza Rasooli was sent to prison clinic due to severe weakness. Despite the insistence of the clinic staffs, this political prisoner, refused to receive IV fluid (serum).
On Sunday, 7th December, it has been reported that, due to hunger strike, health condition of Shirkooh Hassanpour, Sirwan Nezhavi, Ali Afshari, Alireza Rasooli and Abdullah Amooei were critical.
The names of 28 prisoners held in the central prison of Uremia who are in hunger striking are as follow:
Ali Afshari, Jafar Afshari, but Afshari, Habib Afshari, Keyhan Darvishi, Shirkoo Hassanpour, Mohammad Abdullahi, Khazar Rasoolyrad, Saman Naseem, Amir Moladost, Sirwan Nezhavi, Jafar Mirzayi, Ebrahim Rezapour , Mohammad abdulbakht, Abdullah Asghari, Arafat Asghari, Abdulrahman Sulaiman , Seyd Sami Hosseini, Abdullah Hammoudi, Ahmad Tamoei, Osman Mostafapour, Behrooz Alkhani, Mostafa Al-Rahman, Yousef Ka’kahmami, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Alireza Rasooli, Shoresh Afshari, Mostafa Davoodi.
It is worth mentioning that the political prisoners of ward 12 in Uremia prison, from Thursday, 20th November, have gone on hunger strike to protest at the lack of “crime based wards separation” role and the problems with some primary facilities.

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