45 Political Prisoners Ask Ban Ki-moon to Address their Situation

Posted on: January 11th, 2015

HRANA News Agency – Tens of political prisoners in ward 350 of Evin prison who were transferred to Quarantine basement of ward 7 and are being kept in an inhumane difficult condition since last summer, wrote a letter asking for the help from the UN General Secretary, Human rights Council and some of the human rights organization to improve their condition.

In this letter which has been signed by 45 political prisoners as: Omid Kokabi, Mehdi Sajadifar, Hamidreza Derakhshandeh, Amir Mirza hekmati, Salaar Sotoudeh, Assdollsh Asadi, Esmael Barzegar, Rasool Heydarzadeh,Yaghoob Maleki, Behzad Abasi, Amir Dorousti and Majid Mohammadi Moein, the prisoners have complain about their inhumane condition in prison. (more…)

Political Prisoners Invited Behnam Ebrahimzadeh to End Hunger Strike

Posted on: January 8th, 2015

HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday 3 December 2014, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh was transferred from Ward 12 of Karaj Rajaee Shahr Prison which is designated to Political and Conscious Prisoners to another ward which is home to prisoners with heavy sentences and criminals on his return from the court.

He had initiated a hunger strike on the same day and was in extreme health condition during the hunger strike.

In a letter, a group of Political Prisoners invited BehnamEbrahimZadeh to end his hunger strike which is in the following: (more…)

Statement of Women Political Prisoners at Evin Prison about Hakime Shokri’s Exile

Posted on: January 5th, 2015

HRANA News Agency – A group of political women prisoners has signed an open letter to complain against the illegal exile of Hakimeh Shokri to Gharchak prison and asked the authorities to answer it.

Rooz On-line had published the Persian format of the statement, the English translation of which is being published by HRANA:

Hakimeh Shokri is a green movement prisoner in Evin and a member of mourning mothers of Park-e-Laleh. She was transfered to Gharchak prison in 15 December, unexpectedly.

She was expecting the parole while only 7 months of her 3 years imprisonment sentence remains. Under the pretext of her calling up to the prosecutor of Evin, they took her out without giving permission to collect the little amount of her personal properties.

The condition of Gharchak prison in Varaamin is known to any one, even keeping the criminals there is a kind of problematic. Inhumane condition of women’s ward was announced to the authorities in different ways but it has not been worked so much.

Besides, Hakimeh Shokri the green prisoner has been transferred to Gharchak Varaamin, unexpectedly. In our opinion, this transfer is an “exile” and she is forced to spend the rest of her imprisonment in a horrible situation.

As usual, the authorities of the prison bring typical excuses to exile dozens of our friends in ward 350 of Evin during these 5 years.
Keeping the political prisoners in such a condition which is not even valid for the ordinary prisoners is unavoidable and not permissible.

In another view, this exile is the reverse of Hakimeh Shokri’s rights and is double overcharge against the one who is imprisoned because of supporting the green movement.
We complain about this sudden, unreasonable unjustified exile and ask the judicial authorities to return back or free this political prisoner.

Bahareh Hedayat, Sajedeh arab sorkhi, Maryam Shafi poor, Farideh
Shahgooli, Fariba Kamal Abadi, Faraan Hesami, Nasim Bagheri, Nooshin Khadem, Shahin Mohajer, Maryam Naghash zargaraan, Ellahe Barmaki, Sedigheh Moradi, Maryam Akbari monfared

Statement of Death-Row Prisoners at Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj

Posted on: December 31st, 2014

HRANA News Agency – The prisoners of the unit 2 of Karaj-Ghezelhesar prison who have been sentenced to death on drug-related charges started a hunger strike from Monday (December 1st) to Sunday (December 7th), protesting against the recent increasing of the number of executions in Iran in the last couple of weeks.


These prisoners issued a statement, a copy of which has been submitted to HRANA as follows: (more…)

Civil and Political Activists Issued a Statement in the Support of Prisoners in the Prison of Uremia

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014

HRANA News Agency – The political prisoners of section 12 who started a hunger strike 23 days ago are in grave physical and health conditions. Yesterday, eight prisoners were transferred to the clinic of the prison because of deteriorating health condition but were turned back to their wards after refusing to receive medical aid.

The prisoners are demanding the enforcement of the law of separation of penalties and creation of independent section for the political prisoners. Currently, 30 political prisoners are being held in the section 12 of Uremia prison and more than 40 political prisoners are scattered are scattered in different sections of this prison. Moreover, these political prisoners are protesting against the pressure enforced by the office of the ministry of information located in the prison. (more…)

Rights Groups Urge Iranian Authorities to Address Month-Long Hunger Strike of Kurdish Political Prisoners

Posted on: December 20th, 2014

HRANA News Agency – Iranian authorities must immediately respond to the health and security concerns of 27 Kurdish political prisoners on a month-long hunger strike in Orumiyeh, said 21 human rights organizations today. These organizations also urged Iranian authorities to immediately investigate and remedy the broader set of rights violations these men have allegedly faced while in detention.

These Kurdish political prisoners, detained in Orumiyeh (Wermê) Central Prison, have been protesting the conditions of their detention since 20 November 2014. The hunger strikers object to the ongoing transfers of political prisoners to wards housing inmates convicted of violent crimes, such as murder, and the simultaneous introduction of such inmates to Ward 12 of the prison, which typically houses only political prisoners. Iranian law requires the overall humane treatment of all prisoners and specifically mandates that political detainees be separated from those convicted of serious common crime. (more…)

Iranian Government Should Take Responsibility of Prisoners’ Health

Posted on: December 18th, 2014

HRANA News Agency – Human Rights Activists in Iran announced its deepest concerns of the huge number of conscious and security prisoners who suffer from ailment at various prisons around the country and also those on hunger strike at Uromiyeh Central Prison which have put their life and health in danger. This association demanded that government take responsibility towards the domestic laws and international conventions for the health and safety of these prisoners and to instantly initiate the adequate medical treatment process for them.

In this statement, Human Right Activists Association of Iran announced that at least 84 political and security ill prisoners identified by this association at various prisons around the country who have been deprived of adequate medical treatments. The names of these prisoners and brief information about their location and their ailments are in the following:


1. Zara Rahnavard under house arrest (sight problem, blood pressure and joint pain)

2. Mahdi Karroubi under house arrest (digestive and abdominal problems, joint pain)

3. Mir Hossein Mousavi under house arrest (cardio disease, high blood pressure and kidney problems)

4. Saeed Matinpour, imprisoned at Zanjan Prison (spinal and vertebral column problems)

5. Jamal Ghadernejad, imprisoned at Mahaabad Prison (severe joint paint and spinal disk herniation)

6. Hossein Sa’bouri, imprisoned at Maahshahr Nava Prison (damaged and torn hand nerve)

7. Rasoul Mazra’e imprisoned at Yasouj Prison (prostate cancer and kidney pain)

8. Taleb Savari imprisoned at Ahwaz Sepidar Prison (eye infection)

9. Ali Halafi imprisoned at Gonabad Prison (peptic ulceration and bowel infection)

10. Gholam Abbas (Saeed) saki imprisoned at Dezfool Fajr Prison (asthma, spinal disk herniation, pain in both legs and blood pressure problems)

11. Ali Manbouhi imprisoned at Jiroft Prison (diabetes and hyperlipidemia)

12. Rahim Afravi imprisoned at Jiroft Prison (diabetes and cardiovascular disease)

13. Emadeddin Maziyari imprisoned at Zahedan Prison (cardiovascular disease and gastric bleeding)

14. Mohammad Amin Agooshy imprisoned at Zahedan Prison (mumps and kidney disease)

15. Mahmoud Ahmadi imprisoned at Zahedan Prison (kidney infection)

16. Mustafa Faqih imprisoned at Mahabad Prison (diabetes)

17. Jamshid dehghani imprisoned at Ghezelhesar Prison (Infectious Diseases)

18. Seyed Hadi Hosseini imprisoned at Ghezelhesar Prison (epilepsy)

19. Sadiq Mohammadi imprisoned at Ghezelhesar Prison (eye disease)

20. Ahmad Daneshpour Moghaddam imprisoned at Evin Prison (digestive system diseases and mental disorders)

21. Hassan Faraji Mousavi imprisoned at Evin Prison (cardio disease)

22. David Asadi imprisoned at Evin Prison (Hip Decay)

23. Reza Entesari imprisoned at Evin Prison (severe heart palpitations and chest pain)

24. Abbas Ghaffari imprisoned at Evin Prison (advanced diabetes and severe vision loss problem)

25. Abdolfattah Soltani imprisoned at Evin Prison (Cardio disease)

26. Ali Alai imprisoned at Evin Prison (spinal column problem and cardio disease)

27. Alireza Ahmadi imprisoned at Evin Prison (gradual deviation of pelvic fractures and foot)

28. Alireza Beheshti imprisoned at Evin Prison (spinal problem)

29. Ali Rajai imprisoned at Evin Prison (spinal disk herniation)

30. Kamyar Sabeti San’at imprisoned at Evin Prison (difficulty breathing and cardio disease)

31. Majid Asadi imprisoned at Evin Prison (spinal problem)

32. Mohsen Daneshpour imprisoned at Evin Prison (cardiac and cerebral atherosclerosis and impaired memory)

33. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboodvand imprisoned at Evin Prison (cardio disease and severe decrease in blood sugar)

34. Muhammad Hassan Yousuf Pourseifi imprisoned at Evin Prison (cardio disease and vision problems)

35. Mustafa Daneshjoo imprisoned at Evin Prison (lung infection and cardio disease)

36. Nader Jani imprisoned at Evin Prison (neurological disease and cardio disease)

37. Yashar Daroshafa imprisoned at Evin Prison (back and spinal problems)

38. Jacob Maleki imprisoned at Evin Prison (severe vision problems)

39. Behrouz Alkhani imprisoned at Urmia Prison (Psychological Disorders)

40. Ali Ahmad Suleiman imprisoned at Urmia Prison (spinal disk herniation and visual impairment)

41. Ali Afshari imprisoned at Urmia Prison (infection of the body)

42. Alireza Rasouli imprisoned at Urmia Prison (a serious blood disorder)

43. Keyvan Ismaili Mamedi imprisoned at Urmia Prison (infection of the eyes and mouth)

44. Mustafa Ali Ahmad imprisoned at Urmia Prison (infections and kidney stones)

45. Heyman Hassanzadeh imprisoned at Urmia Prison (wound infection left by bullet and finger infection)

46. Jaber Sakhravy imprisoned at Karoun Prison (brain tumour and severe leg pain and poor eyesight)

47. Jalil Heidari imprisoned at Karoun Prison (kidney stones)

48. Hassan Abiyat imprisoned at Karoun Prison (gastrointestinal disease and ear infection)

49. Abdulemam Zayeri imprisoned at Karoun Prison (stomach bleeding)

50. Abdul Amir Matouri imprisoned at Karoun Prison (convulsions)

51. Abdolzahra Halichi imprisoned at Karoun Prison (leg pain and infectious disease)

52. Ghazi Heidari imprisoned at Ahwaz Karoun Prison (chest pain, earache, joint pain and muscle disease)

53. Kazem Khoshnamak imprisoned at Karoun Prison (hypertension and diabetes)

54. Majid Sari imprisoned at Karoun Prison (convulsions)

55. Yahya Naseri imprisoned at Karoun Prison (Cardio disease)

56. Asadollah Hadi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (cardio disease)

57. Afshin Baymani imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (retina problems)

58. Amanollah Mostaqim imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (Atherosclerosis)

59. Arash Sharifi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (visually impaired and need a cornea transplant)

60. Barzan Nasrollahzadeh imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (internal infection)

61. Jafar Eghdami imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (severe muscular discomfort)

62. Jamaleddin Khanjani imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (suffering from many diseases due to senility)

63. Hassan Fathali Ashtiani imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (suffering from many diseases due to senility)

64. Saeed Abedini imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (stomach bleeding and bladder problems)

65. Saeed Madani Ghahfarkhi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (gastrointestinal distress)

66. Syed Qasim Abesteh imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (kidney disease)

67. Shahram Ahmadi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (painful kidney infection)

68. Saleh Kohandel imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (blood disorders and low blood platelet count)

69. Adel Naimi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (diabetes)

70. Abdorrahman Sangani imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (severe mental illness)

71. Afif Naimi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (lymph nodes problem, severe throat inflammation and severe cardio problems)

72. Ali Salanpour imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (spinal disk herniation)

73. Farshid Naseri imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (kidney and bladder problems)

74. Fouad Moqaddam imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (clogging of the heart arteries and spinal disk herniation)

75. Firouz Hamidi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (gum and mouth disease and digestive disease)

76. Karim Marouf Aziz imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (cardio disease)

77. Kourosh Ziyari imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (spinal disk herniation)

78. Kaykhosro Sharafipour imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (suffering from an unknown illness)

79. Kayone Samimi imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (cardio disease)

80. Mashallah Haeri imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (cardio disease)

81. Mohammad Seifzadeh imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (kidney disease spinal problems)

82. Mohammad Gharib imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (kidney disease)

83. Mahmoud Badavam imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (nerve system problems)

84. Misaq Yazdannezhad imprisoned at Karaj Rajae Shahr Prison (hernia)


In addition, Human Rights Activists in Iran stated that since 20 November 2014, 27 political and security prisoners at Uromiyeh Central Prison have been on unconditional hunger strike. These prisoners started the strike in protest to the ignorance of their basic needs and their union demands such as respecting and enforcing the Separation of Prisoners Law. According to the statement by the prison clinic, they are facing concerning low blood pressure and weight loss.These prisoners are :Ali Afshari, Jafar Afshari, but Afshari, Habib Afshari, Keyhan Darvishi, Shirkoo Hassanpour, Mohammad Abdullahi, Khazar Rasoolyrad, Saman Naseem, Amir Moladost, Sirwan Nezhavi, Jafar Mirzayi, Ebrahim Rezapour , Mohammad abdulbakht, Abdullah Asghari, Abdulrahman Sulaiman, Seyd Sami Hosseini, Abdullah Hammoudi, Ahmad Tamoei, Osman Mostafapour, Behrooz Alkhani, Mostafa Al-Rahman, Yousef Ka’kahmami, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Alireza Rasooli, Shoresh Afshari, Mostafa Davoodi.


Several relatives of these prisoners unanimously emphasised on the issue while speaking to HRANA reporter that Uromiyeh Prison authorities told the prisoners who are on hunger strike “stay on strike until you die “.  Human Right Activists Association of Iran believes this is an issue which proves the security and illegal approach of the prison authorities instead of attending to the basic needs of prisoners. In this statement this association announced that these prisoners had no other means but to put their health and life in danger to get their rights back and this association believes Uromiyeh Central Prison authorities resorted to intentional negligence and threatening the prisoners instead of attending to their basic needs. A wrong solution which took several prisoners lives over the last couple of years.


In this statement, Human Rights Activists in Iran expressed its deepest concerns about the huge number of political and security prisoners suffering from ailments which are deprived from medical attention. This association also mentioned that medical attention and treatments should be on the priority list of State Prison, Security and Corrective Measure Organisation. According to this association, intentional negligence on medical treatment for ill prisoners is completely omitting and ignoring the domestic laws and Human Right facts and Articles, especially the Articles 102, 103, 113 from the “State, Prison, Security and Corrective Measure Organisation” regulations. In addition, it is against the section 2 of Article 22 of Minimum Standard Rules of Treatments of Prisoners passed by the first convention of Human nations (1995) which states: “ ill prisoners who are in need of special and professional medical attention must be send to specialist centres outside prison”

Human Rights Activsts in Iran while specifically emphasised on the necessity of immediate attention to the situation and needs of prisoners on hunger strike at Uromiyeh Central Prison, announced that the prison authorities are directly responsible for the safety and security of these prisoners.

This association believes that Islamic Republic of Iran have worryingly violated the Human Right Conventions especially the convention of Prisoners right passed by the United Nations in the domain of prisoners.

Human Rights Activists in Iran would like to remind the government on this issue that medical treatment for prisoners is part of their primary rights, especially the right to be alive. The request for medical treatment is not a favour but part of human rights of prisoners who regardless of their religion, race, colour, and language and political believes or any other discrimination should have access to it comprehensively.

Declaration of Human Rights Activists at Evin and Rajai Shahr Prison

Posted on: December 15th, 2014

HRANA News Agency – “Abdolfatah Soltani”, “Saeed Madani Ghahfarakhi”, “Mahdi Khodaee”, “Keyvan Samimi” and “Saeed Razavi Faghih”, imprisoned Human Rights and Political activists, made a statement for the “International Day of Human Rights” occasion which will follow:

We are honouring the 66th anniversary of compilation of International Human Rights Declaration while we are observing the systematic violation of Human Rights by official and unofficial organisations supported by the government in our beloved country. (more…)

Release the imprisoned Human Rights Supporters

Posted on: December 12th, 2014

HRANA News Agency – Human Right Activists Association of Iran has published a press statement honouring the “Human Rights Day” and urged the Iranian government to respect its commitments toward conventions and sections of human rights and torelease of imprisoned human right activists immediately.

Full text of this press statement is in the following: (more…)