Woman Receives Prison Sentence and Travel Ban for Violating Hijab Requirement

The Criminal Court of Tehran has handed down a verdict sentencing a woman to two months in prison and imposing a two-year travel ban on her for violating the Hijab regulations.

As per the verdict, which gained attention after being shared on social media, the Tehran Criminal Court, under the authority of Judge Ali Omidi, issued a two-month prison sentence and a two-year travel ban against a woman who was found guilty of “publicly not wearing Hijab.” The court classified the act of not wearing Hijab as a manifestation of “antisocial behavior,” mandating the woman to be under treatment and present a health certificate twice a week for a duration of six months.

Furthermore, the court labeled the absence of the Hijab as an act of behavior deemed “anti-Iranian,” justifying the implementation of the travel ban.
Prior to this ruling, Ahmadreza Radan, the chief of Iranian police, had announced an action plan involving the seizure of vehicles and closure of businesses as means to enforce compliance with the Hijab requirement among citizens.