Citizen Arrested for Posting Online About Upcoming Presidential Election

Akbar Nosrati, head of the Iranian Cyber Police in West Azerbaijan province, announced the arrest of an Instagram page admin for “publishing tense information about the elections”.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Rokna News, Nosrati stated that during the police experts’ monitoring, an Instagram page with the “tense content about the elections” that could have “disrupted public opinion” was identified and its admin was arrested.

Nosrati said the accused claimed his “illegal” act occurred since he was unaware of what the election irregularities are.

A citizen arrested for blasphemy in Gilan Province

HRANA News Agency – The Cyber Police in Gilan Province has announced that an individual in the city of Rasht has been arrested for blasphemy posted on the Internet.  Gilan’s Cyber Police Chief has also reminded all citizens that blasphemy is a crime for which there are severe penalties defined by the lawmakers.

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