Sentences Reduced for Two Azerbaijani (Turk) Activists to One Year Imprisonment and Fine

Mokhtar Ebrahimi and Mir-Mousavi Zia Gargari, two Azerbaijani (Turk) activists, have had their sentences reduced on appeal to one year in prison and a fine, respectively. Initially, they had received a combined sentence of 11 years.

As per the East Azerbaijan Court of Appeals’ verdict, Ebrahimi was sentenced to one year for “propaganda against the regime,” while Zia Gargari was fined six million Toman.

In 2021, Ebrahimi had been sentenced to ten years for “forming groups against the regime” and “membership in anti-regime groups” by the Maragheh Court. Zia Gargari had also received a one-year sentence for “propaganda against the regime.”

Ebrahimi was arrested by security forces on August 26, 2020, and subsequently incarcerated in Maragheh Prison after 21 days. He was later released on bail.

On September 16, 2020, Zia Gargari was arrested at his residence in Naqadeh by security forces and detained in the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility. He was released on bail from Maragheh Prison on October 7, 2020.

Six Inmates Executed Across Different Prisons in Iran

Over the course of May 24 and 25, 2023, six inmates faced execution in various prisons located in Maragheh, Kerman, Jiroft, and Isfahan.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, on May 25, 2023, an inmate identified by his first name as Amir-Mehdi was executed publicly in a square in Maragheh, East Azerbaijan province. He was convicted of rape six years ago.

On the same day, Haal Vsh reported the executions of Nader Kalbali, 39, and Abdorasoul Jamshidi, 55, in Kerman Prison. Both individuals were sentenced to death for drug-related offenses.
Furthermore, Haal Vsh also reported that Mohammad Daraie, also known as Ahmad Golbacheh, aged 30 and a resident of Zahedan, was executed in Jiroft. Daraie had been convicted four years ago for drug-related crimes.

Lastly, according to the Iran Human Rights Organization, on May 24, Majid Jafari and Ali Tabib were executed in Dastgerd Prison, Isfahan. Jafari had been sentenced to death two years ago for drug-related crimes, while Tabib had received a conviction for murder three years ago.

Recent updates reveal that the number of executed individuals in Kerman prison has now reached six. Among them, three have been identified as Nader Kalbali, Abdorasoul Jamshidi, and Ali Shahriari. Additionally, in Jiroft Prison, another inmate named Mehdi Salari was executed alongside Mohammad Daraie.

In 2022, the Department of Statistics and Publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran registered 457 reports related to the death penalty. This included 92 death sentences, including the conviction of 6 people to public execution and 565 execution sentences were carried out, 2 of which have been carried out in public. Based on the announced identifications of some of the executed individuals, 501 were male and 11 were female. In addition, 5 juvenile offenders were executed in 2022, meaning they were under the age of 18 at the time they committed the crime.



Two Prisoners Executed in Maragheh Prison

On July 5, two prisoners were executed in Maragheh Prison in East Azerbaijan Province.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, the identities of the two prisoners have been confirmed as 25-year-old Farhad Najafi, and 23-year-old Ali Ahmadi.

Both prisoners had previously been sentenced to death on charges of rape.

Iran ranks first in the world in citizen executions per capita, according to international organizations. The Statistics and Publication Center of the Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) reported that between January 1st and December 20th of 2020, at least 236 citizens were executed.

One of these citizens was executed publicly, and two were juvenile offenders. An additional 95 citizens were sentenced to death.

According to the report, more than 72% of executions in Iran are not reported by the government or the judiciary. Human rights organizations call these “secret executions”.

The execution of these prisoners has not been announced by Iranian media or official sources as of this writing.

Execution of Four Prisoners in Maragheh Prison

HRANA News Agency – Four prisoners with drug related charges were executed in Maragheh prison on February 27.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), four prisoners with drug related charges has been executed in Maragheh prison on February 27. Continue reading “Execution of Four Prisoners in Maragheh Prison”