Hamidreza Najafi Receives Eight Months in Prison on Appeal

The Court of Appeal of Markazi Province has sentenced Hamidreza (Hamid-Reza) Najafi, a resident of Arak, to eight months in prison.

Najafi was convicted of “spreading propaganda against the regime” but was acquitted of the charge of “inciting people to commit acts of violence.”
Initially, the Arak Revolutionary Court had sentenced him to three years and six months for “propaganda against the regime and incitement to commit acts of violence.” In addition, the Criminal Court imposed a 15-month prison term for “disseminating false information.”
Najafi, a 41-year-old innovative entrepreneur and CEO of Mobtakeran Machinery Company, was detained in September of this year. He was granted release on bail after a period of confinement.

Civil Rights Activist Majid Rezaie Arrested and Detained in Tehran

On July 15, civil rights activist Majid Rezaie was apprehended by security forces at his residence in Tehran and subsequently taken to Evin Prison.

According to a reliable source close to Rezaie, he is currently being held in the quarantine section of Evin Prison, where he will serve a nine-month sentence.

Previously, on May 22, Rezaie received a summons from the Judgement Enforcement Unit in Tehran to initiate his sentence.

The Tehran Revolutionary Court initially imposed a one-year sentence, which was later reduced to nine months after Rezaie entered a plea of no contest. Additionally, he has been sentenced to four hours of daily penal labor for the Tehran Municipality over a three-month period. Furthermore, he is required to attend a course conducted by the Institute of Psychology Ma’avaye e Qom, purportedly aimed at “enhancing emotional regulation.”

On July 23, 2020, Rezaie and his wife, Fariba Fereydooni, were arrested by agents of the IRGC in Khomeyn County, Markazi Province. He was released on bail after 21 days of detention.

Nationwide Protests: 276 People Indicted in Markazi Province

The Chief Justice of Markazi Province announced the indictment against 276 people arrested during the protests in this province.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, in Markazi Province, 276 people have been indicted for participating in protests.

This Chief Justice claimed that 40 individuals were identified as leaders of the protests. A hundred minors or young arrestees were released without pressing any charges after signing a commitment letter.

Since the outbreak of nationwide protests, over 15000 people have been arrested. For more details and statistics on the nationwide protest across Iran, read HRANA’s comprehensive report here.

HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week against the results of cities’ local elections and inadequate labor conditions. This week also featured the continuation of widespread labor strikes across the country. The oil industry, petrochemical industry and power stations experienced strikes in Abadan, Isfahan, Assaluyeh, Kerman, Qeshm Island, Yasuj, Bid Boland, and Urmia and Bushehr. Below is a brief recap and footage from some of the week’s demonstrations.


Saturday and Sunday, June 19-20

Several citizens in Yasuj protested the results of the city’s local elections in front of the Boyer-Ahmad government building.  A group of Tehran Metro staff held protest rallies in front of the metro operating company in Tehran. Project workers of Farab Company of Bidkhoon refinery in Assaluyeh went on strike and left their jobs.


Citizens in Yasuj:


Tehran Metro staff:


Project workers in Bidkhoon refinery in Assaluyeh:


Monday and Tuesday, June 21-22

9 protest rallies and 11 workers’ strikes took place. A group of pharmacists in front of the Ministry of Health building in Tehran. Workers of Pars Tire in Saveh in Markazi Province rallied in front of the local factory. Workers of Sepahan Cement Company protested at their workplace, and a group of resident doctors in protested in the cities of Tehran, Urmia, Zanjan, Babol, Shiraz and Tabriz. Workers in Tehran Oil Refinery, Gachsaran Petrochemical Company, phases 13 and 14 of Assaluyeh, phase 13 of Kangan, Lidoma Company located in phase 13 of South Pars, AJC Company working in Abadan Refinery, Bidboland Refinery of Behbahan, Bushehr Petrochemical Company, Sina Palayesh Company Qeshm Island, and workers of Tehran Metro Line 5 went on strike.


Workers of Bidboland Gas Refinery in Behbahan:



Workers of Gachsaran Petrochemical Company:


Workers of Tehran Oil Refinery:


Workers of Lidoma Company located in phase 13 of South Pars:


Pharmacists in Tehran:


Resident doctors in Tehran, Urmia, Zanjan, Babol, Shiraz and Tabriz:

Pars Tire workers:


Wednesday, June 23

Workers of recently-closed stoning units of Hana Industrial Town located in Neyriz city in Fars gathered in front of the city government building. A group of employees of Ramin power station in Ahvaz city in front of the office building of the station, and a group of employees of Abadan refinery in front of the entrance door.


Ramin power station workers in Ahvaz:

Abadan refinery employees:


Thursday, June 24

Several residents of Maravneh village of Ahvaz city,  workers of Mapna 3 Qeshm power Station continued their participation in the nationwide protests of the workers of the country’s oil industry.


Mapna 3 power Station employees:

Residents of Maravneh village:


Friday, June 25

Workers of refineries, petrochemicals and power plants, workers of Yazd Steel, went on strike.