Tens of Arab citizens have been arrested

HRANA News Agency – Security forces have arrested tens of political and civil activists during last week.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during last week and due to the anniversary of April 2005, tens of Arab citizens who have political and civil arrests on their background have been arrested again.
Karim Daihami the human rights activist, said to HRANA’s reporter, “Security forces, have no court order or legal document and rush into the houses, terrorize the inhabitants and arrest activists at night or dawn”.
Some details of some of the known detainees are as below:

  1. Abdulkarim Zargani, for religious activities, from Zargan area, on Wednesday, April 9
  2. Jaber Sakhravi, resident of Kouy-Alavi of Ahvaz city, Tuesday, April 8
  3. Jasem Zargani, son of Aboud, married and has two children, from Zargan area, Wednesday, April 9
  4. Mohammad Zargani, son of Hamid, married and has one child, from Zargan area, Wednesday, April 9
  5. Hossain Zargani, son of Shaker, from Zargan area, Wednesday, April 9
  6. Aref Sarkhi, from Kooy-e-Malashiyah, Wednesday, April 9, 5am
  7. Mehdi Halfi, from Kooy-e-Alavi of Ahvzaz city, on Tuesday, April 8
  8. Ali Dabeh Hovaizeh, son of Karim, from Kooy-e-Alavi, Thursday, April 10
  9. Reza Zargani, son of Gaeid,from Zargan area, Wednesday, April 9

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