Collective testimony of political prisoners about Ahmad Daneshpour

HRANA News Agency – In a letter, a group of political prisoners in the ward 350 of Evin prison expressed their concerns around the health situation of Ahmad Daneshpour-Moghadam in this prison.
According to HRANA reporters, the news organization of human rights activists in Iran, the political prison, Ahmad Daneshpour, fell unconscious following the deterioration of his health and seriously injured his chin.
The following is the full text letter that has been submitted to HRANA:
“Ahmad Daneshpour-Moghadam is one of our fellow prisoners who is suffering from a devastating disorder named ulcerative colitis, and his health condition has dramatically deteriorated over the last four years due to the negligence of the prison officials. At least during the second half of the 2013, the authorities and public have been warned about the health conditions and problems prisoners are facing in the warn #350 a number of time. This included health conditions of Ahmad Daneshpour-Moghadam. Those who remember him when he entered the jail understand how much he has changed and his health has been deteriorated even compared to a couple of months ago. A weight loss of over 80 pounds during one year is a supporting factor to this claim. The physicians inside the prison, the prison clinic, or hospitals where Ahmad has been accepted confirm that he is suffering from ulcerative colitis, which is a devastating disorder affecting his gastrointestinal system. On the other hand, medications used to treat the UC cause loss of appetite, which could be partly blamed on the significantly low quality of food in the prison as well. These factors have led to stomach bleeding, constipation, and intensive hemorrhoid in Ahmad. These conditions and resulting stress have caused dramatic deterioration of his nervous system and sleeping cycle. In a recent incident, he fell off and injured his chin because of dramatic loss of balance. After transferring to Tajrish-Shohada hospital, despite his critical health condition he was dismissed from the hospital due to complicated and tight regulations around accepting and treating political prisoners. We, the following fellow prisoners of Ahmad Daneshpour-Moghadam, sign this letter and attest his critical health condition that may lead to his death. We urge the authorities to pay attention to Ahmad’s serious health condition and provide him appropriate medical treatment.
Reza Shahabi, Saeid Matinpour, Freydoun Seydi-Raad, Yashar Daralshafa, Saeed Haeri, Soroush Sabet, Omid Zarei-Nejad, Farshid Fathi, Alireza Seyedian, Ibrahim Firouzi, Ali Rezai, Reza Taghi-Pour, Arash Moghadam, Gholamreza Khosravi, Hani Yazerloo, Asgahr Qtan, Mohammad Sayemy, Majid Asadi, Hasan Sadeghi,  Asadollah Hadi, Reza Akbari-Mofrad, Asadollah Asadi, Abolghasem Fouladvand, Syed Hamed Houryabnd, Abbas Omidi, Reza Samiei-Monfared, Behzad Abbasi, Gholam-Reza Hosseini, Majid Mohammadi Moein – Mohammad Mehdi Sajedi Far, Omid Shahmorady Sanandaj, Mohammad Rezaei.

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