The Names of 32 Prisoners who Have Been Charged with Muharebeh

Posted on: 30th May, 2016
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Abulghasem Fooladvand

HRANA News Agency – More than 70 political prisoners are kept in Rajaei Shahr and Evin prisons who have been charged with Muharebeh. Considering the recent changes in the penal code, they need to be re-tried. After a re-trial most of these prisoners are expected to be released. HRANA published the names of 32 prisoners of these two prisons who have been charged with Muharebeh.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), considering the fact that article 186 has been superseded, political prisoners with the charge of Muharebeh need to be re-tried. Therefore the names of 32 prisoners who are imprisoned in Evin and Rajaei Shahr prisons on this charge are being published by HRANA.

Article 186 of the Islamic penal code had implied, “If someone is following the goals of a party or armed group, under the condition that the leadership of the group still exists, and carry out effective actions in that regard (advocative or membership), he will be recognized as sacrilegious and will receive related punishments”.

The article 288 that superseded article 186 implies, “A group that commits armed actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government is recognized as rebel and in case of using weapons, their members will be sentenced to death”.

Previously a group of political prisoners published a letter, and discussed the changes of law and analyzed it from religious and legal perspectives. This letter was supported by two well-known lawyers, Abdulfattah Soltani and Mohammad Saif Zadeh.

Mohammad Moghimi, lawyer and human rights activist, told HRANA’s reporter in this regard, “The pressure of public opinion and human rights organizations should provide the foundation of implementation of this new law, that would result in release of these defendants”.

Previously HRANA had published the names of 27 death row Sunni prisoners.

The list includes the name, family name, year of arrest and verdict of each prisoners respectively:

Rajaei Shahr prison:

Mohammad Nazari, 1993, life time prison

Khaled Freydooni, 1998, life time prison

Omar Faghihpoor, 1998, life time prison

Khaled Hardani, 2000, life time prison

Farhang Poormansour, 2000, life time prison

Shahram Poormansour, 2000, life time prison

Saeid Masoori, 2000, life time prison

Afshin Baymani, 2000, life time prison

Hamzeh Savari, 2005, life time prison

Jafar Eghdami, 2007, 10 years in prison

Pirouz Mansouri, 2007, 18 years in prison

Saleh Kohandel, 2007, 10 years in prison

Hasan Sadeghi, 2015, 15 years in prison

Abulghasem Fooladvand, 2013, 15 years in prison

Hasan Ashtiani, 2013, 15 years in prison

Ramazan Ahmad Kamal, 2008, 10 years in prison

Mohammad Akramipoor, 2013, 15 years in prison

Paiman Arefi, 2009, 15 years in prison

Ahmad Karimi, 2009, 15 years in prison

Zanyar Moradi, 2008, death

Loghman Moradi, 2008, death

Hooshang Rezaei, 2010, death

Evin prison:

Ahmad Daneshpoor Moghadam, 2009, death

Mohsen Daneshpoor Moghadam, 2009, death

Ali Zahed, 2008, life time prison

Hadi Ghaemi, 2009, 15 years in prison

Raihaneh Haj Ibrahim Dabagh, 2009, 15 years in prison

Maryam Akbari Monfared, 2009, 15 years in prison

Fatemeh Mosanna, 2013, 15 years in prison

Sadigheh Moradi, 2013, 10 years in prison

Behnaz Zakeri Ansari, 2012, 10 years in prison

Zahra Zehtabchi, 2013, 12 years in prison