Monireh Arabshahi Forcefully Transferred Back to Kachooye Prison Before Completion of Medical Treatment

On Monday, October 4, civil activist Monireh Arabshahi was forcefully transferred from the hospital back Kachooye Prison in Karaj by judge order, despite not having completed her treatment.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Ms. Arabshahi had been on medical leave since August 4.

Ms. Arabshahi’s medical issues have been ongoing. On May 3, 2020, Arabshahi was granted leave on bail for 500 million tomans to receive surgery to remove her thyroid gland, after which she was sent back to prison.

Yasamin Ariaani, Arabshahi’s daughter and an outspoken opponent of the compulsory hijab in Iran, who had been released after serving out her sentence on February 14, 2019, was arrested again on April 10, 2019 on new charges.

One day after the arrest of her daughter, Mrs. Arabshahi was also arrested and both were relocated to Gharchak Prison. Subsequently,  both were sent to Evin Prison and finally they end up in Kachooye Prison in Karaj.

Branch 28 of the revolutionary court has convicted this mother and daughter to a total of 16 years in prison, which were later reduced to a total of 9 years and 7 months. They were charged with “assembly and collusion against national security”, “propaganda against the regime”,  and “provoking and provision of impurity and indecency”.

Inmate Dies of COVID After Facing Medical Negligence in Qarchak Prison in Varamin

Today, Wednesday, September 22, Ms. Giti Haj Rahimi died of COVID in the quarantine section of Ward 9 of Qarchak Prison in Varamin after facing medical negligence from prison authorities.

According to HRANA, the news agency of the Human Rights Activists, Haj Rahimi had been convicted for financial crimes. HRANA has verified Ms. Haj Rahimi’s identity.

Ms. Haj Rahimi, who had been serving her sentence in Ward 6 of Qarchak Prison, was recently transferred to a solitary confinement cell for quarantine after she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Ms. Haj Rahimi was also diabetic and had previously lost one of her fingers to this disease during her imprisonment.

Haj Rahimi’s death has not been announced by the Iranian media or official sources as of this writing.

Nahid Taghavi and Narges Adib Facing Medical Negligence in Evin Prison

Nahid Taghavi and Narges Adib are currently facing medical negligence from authorities in Evin Prison.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Iranian-German dual citizen Nahid Taghavi has been denied medical treatment in Evin Prison despite suffering from COVID-19.

Ms. Taghavi was previously transferred to quarantine along with several prisoners with symptoms after receiving a positive COVID test. Despite the widespread prevalence of COVID-19 among inmates in the women’s ward of Evin Prison, Ms. Taghavi has not been approved for for medical leave.

Political prisoner Narges Adib, who suffers from a number of health issues, is currently being held in the women’s ward of Evin Prison as she serves out her sentence.

Ms. Adib suffers from a variety of medical problems such as respiratory distress, bronchitis, asthma, and joint pain. She was sent to the hospital for an MRI weeks ago but has not yet received test results or medication.

Prisoner Dies in Ferdows Prison After Prison Authorities Delay his Transfer to the Hospital

On Sunday,  June 20, Hossein Pahendi Pour died in Ferdows Prison in South Khorasan Province after prison authorities delayed his transfer to the hospital.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting RASANK news, Hossein Pahendi Pour’s car flipped in April of this year during a chase by law enforcement officers. In the crash he seriously injured his back and lungs, but rather than being first given time to heal in the hospital, he was arrested and taken to prison the following day.

The detainee’s condition had been deteriorating day by day, and by the end he was unable to move without the help of other prisoners. Despite the clear urgency of his condition, prison officials denied Mr. Pahendi Pour transfer to a medical center.

Pahendi Pour was eventually taken to a medical center and then to the hospital’s ICU. By this time, however, it was too late and he lost his life.