Prison guards raiding ward 350 of Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – 31 political prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement and their belongings were destroyed, some of them are in critical condition in solitary confinements.
“Ismael Barzegari’s ribs were broken, Soheil Babadi’s arm and neck were bruised, Soroush Sabet’s head was bleeding, Samko Khelghatis clothes were torn, Gholamreza Khosravi and Reza Akbari were severely injured, Asadollah Hadi faced heart problem because he had recently an open operation on his heart. And also Omid Behrouzian had severe bleeding because the vein of his hand was cut.” A source told HRANA. Continue reading “Prison guards raiding ward 350 of Evin Prison”

Heavy sentences for 7 arrested Dervishes

HRANA News Agency – 7 Dervishes including administrators of Majzubane Nour website and lawyers of Dervishes have been sentenced to in total 56 years of prison.


According to a report by Majouzabe Nour website, the branch 15 of the revolutionary court of Tehran has issued the sentences of 7 Dervishes who are under arrest since September 2011. There have been tens of administrators of Majzoubane Nour website, the official news agency of Gonabadi Dervishes, lawyers of Dervishes and Dervishes’ rights activists under arrest since almost 3 years ago. Continue reading “Heavy sentences for 7 arrested Dervishes”