23 political prisoners on one-day hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – At least 23 political and conscientious prisoners of Ghezelhesar, Rajaeishahr and Uremia prison went on hunger strike in a symbolic movement, in response to wave of executions, which has been coinciding since the new administration has come to power.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), this strike which is in response to political executions of Kurd and Baloch prisoners has started on Wednesday November 4th, on those three prisons. According to reports from Uremia prison intelligent service forces of Uremia transferred five prisoners with the names of 1) Ahmad Tamouyi 2) Yousef Kakeh Memi 3) Ali Ahmad Salimian 4)Mostafa Ali Ahmad 5) Jahangir Badoozadeh, who wanted to attend on this strike to an unknown location the day before.
Before this transfer, these prisoners have announced unlimited hunger strike in response to intelligence service forces restrictions and intrusion.
The statement of the prisoners who are participating on this symbolic hunger strike is as follow:
No to execution in Iran
During recent weeks, the number of death sentences and executions has risen by radical rulers and dependent judiciary. Recent executions and especially political prisoners and prisoners of conscientious in Kurdistan and Sistan-va-Balochistan provinces have deeply concerned the public, political and human right activists. Though the most distressing part is unfair and unclear trials, in which those sentences were carried out. Totalitarians are looking for their objectives through execution of political prisoners the most important of which is “winning by fear and iron fist”.
Sadly, by the silence of “erudition and hope” government and western powers and negligence of the peace message on 24th of July’s election, the judiciary is persisting on systematic violation of human right which could end in growing of insecurity and spread of violence. We, a group of political prisoners of Gohardasht, condemn recent executions that are coinciding with 40 days after execution of Habibollah Golparipoor and Reza Esmaeili Mamedi. We support all of inside and outside of country’s actions for cancelling executions in Iran and behind the high walls of county’s prisons by our one-day symbolic hunger strike cry out for cancellation of any type of death sentences. We hope that our voice removes the shadow of hatred, anxious and death from the land, and promise life, reconciliation and freedom.
In the end, we respect the memories of all executed political prisoners of Iran, and ask all human right organizations and institutes and UN special rapporteur, Dr. Ahmad Shahid, for more efforts regarding their activities in order to prevent and cancellation of execution sentences.
The names of participants in one-day hunger strike:
Rajaei Shahr prison:
1) Jafar Eghdami (Shahin), 2) Naseh Yousefi, 3) Karim Ma`rouf Aziz, 4) Mohammad Nazari, 5) Shahram Elyasi, 6) Loghman Moradi, 7) Zanyar Moradi, 8) Samco Khelghati, 9) Ayat Mehrali Bigloo, 10) Latif Hassani 11) Afshin Baymani, 12) Shahrokh Zamani
Ghezel Hessar prison:
Hamed Ahmadi, 2) Jamshid Dehghani 3) Jahangir Dehghani, 4) Kamal Moulayi, 5) Sedigh Mohammadi, 6) Syed Hadi Hosseini
Uremia prison:
Ahmad Tamouyi, 2) Yousef Kakeme, 3) Ali Ahmad Solaiman, 4) Mostafa Ali Ahmad, 5) Jahangir Badoozadeh

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