Strike by Javeh Dam Workers in Sanadaj

HRANA- As of Saturday June 19, 2010, dozens of workers building the Javeh repository dam in Sanandaj have gone on strike.
HRANA reporters have been informed that the workers are protesting months of unpaid wages. Officials state that the purpose for the construction of the damn [which began in April 2009] is to provide water to the surrounding plains and land used for agriculture.

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Two Members of the Iranian Teachers’ Union Arrested in Yazd

HRANA –The arrests of union activists continue with the arrests of Mohammad Ali Shirazi and Mohammad Ali Shahedi, two members of the Board of Directors of the Teachers’ Union in Yazd.

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Mohammad Seyfzadeh Transferred to Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Seyfzadeh, an attorney and the co-founder of the Center for Human Rights Defenders, has been transferred from Urmia Prison to ward 209 in Evin.

According to a report by the Campaign for the Independence of Iranian Bar Association, Mohammad Seyfzadeh was arrested two months ago in Urmia and charged with acting against national security by attempting to leave the country illegally.This report also indicates that Mohammad Seyfzadeh was held captive for one month in a solitary confinement in Evin Prison, ward 209 but now has been transferred out of isolation units into prison cells housing multiple inmates.Mohammad Seyfzadeh remains in temporary custody for the time being while his case is pending review by the fourth branch of Evin Prison’s court system.

It has been reported that Mohammad Seyfzadeh’s physical and psychological condition isn’t good, and his family has been allowed to visit him only twice during his detention.


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Rasoul Badaghi Transferred to Solitary Confinement

HRANA News Agency – The imprisoned teacher, Rasoul Badaghi, has been transferred to one of the solitary confinements in Ward 1 of Gohardasht prison on the fifth day of his hunger strike.


According to a report released on the web site of Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, on Sunday, May 22, 2011, Rasoul Badaghi together with a number of other prisoners announced the beginning of his hunger strike in a letter outlining prisoners’ demands.  In this letter, prisoners state that until their requests are not met, they will continue their hunger strike.  Rasoul Badaghi in protest to the ongoing oppression in Iran, the lack of freedom of speech, the absence of independent organizations, the continuing trend of show trials, the infliction of inhuman restrictions on political prisoners and the increasing pressures on their families has been on hunger strike for five days.


On May 26, 2011, instead of investigating Rasoul Badaghi’s legitimate demands, interrogators of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence ordered his transfer to solitary confinement.  However, Rasoul Badaghi has announced that until his demands are not met, he will not end his hunger strike.


Rasoul Badaghi has outlined his requests clearly as follows:

  • Full implementation of prisons’ statute including visits, access to phone and the right to furlough
  • Ending any and all forms of pressures on the families of political prisoners
  • Immediate improvement of prisoners’ welfare and conditions


It must be noted that Rasoul Badaghi’s health and physical condition is by no means well, and other political prisoners are extremely concerned about his well-being.  Currently, in addition to Rasoul Badaghi, a number of other political prisoners including Keyvan Samimi and Mehdi Mahmoodian are on hunger strike.