HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Monday, July 25, at least four protests took place in Iran.

A number of workers of the Qazvin-based chemical and consumer goods Company Tolypers held a protest in front of the Governor-general’s office to demand their delayed payments and ask for job security.

A number of shareholders of the Pakdasht housing cooperation blocked the road in protest against not receiving their pre-purchased houses. Due to a property dispute between the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and the Union of Pakdasht Labor Housing Cooperatives, about four thousand shareholders are still waiting to receive their houses after 18 years.

A group of employees of the Regional power companies of Khuzestan and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province protests in front of companies’ offices to demand an increase in wages to keep up with inflation.

A group of workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group gathered in front of the Governor General building in Ahvaz to demand an increase in wages and the implementation of the Job Classification Plan.


HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Sunday, July 17, 2022, at least 10 protests took place in Iran

The Iran telecommunication Company’s staff held protests in Yazd, Bojnurd and Ahvaz. They protested against the non-payment of their benefits for four months. They had held a protest also yesterday.


For the second consecutive day, the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences interns gathered on campus to demand their unpaid wages.

The Social Security Organization’s pensioners again went to the streets and cried out for an increase in pensions in Arak, Ahvaz, Kermanshah and Shush.


A group of transport workers gathered in front of the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development in Tehran to protest against increases in the costs of vehicle registration plates.