HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Thursday, June 23, 2022, the scaffold workers of more than 22 companies went on strike and the medical personnel in Bojnurd held a protest.

Yesterday, scaffold workers of oil and petrochemical companies went on strike. Today, the scaffold workers of several other companies joined the strike. These workers demanded increasing wages and a shift work schedule with 20 days working followed by 10 days off.

Reportedly, in response, some employers have threatened them with termination. However, one of the petrochemical companies, Kian, promised to increase the wages.

On the same day of the presidential visit to North Khorasan Province, a number of nurses and medical personnel held a protest in front of the Governor-General building in Bojnurd to ask for their demands.

Three internet cafes are closed in Bojnurd

HRANA News Agency – The FATA Police commander of North Khorasan claimed: “3 internet cafes who were paying no attention to the warnings of the police and were keeping their illegal actions are closed now.”


According to the report of the North Khorasan Police website, Ali Yali said: “During the third inspection of the internet cafes, 3 of them are closed because of not paying attention to the dictated instructions.” Continue reading “Three internet cafes are closed in Bojnurd”

A social network user is arrested

HRANA News Agency – FATA Police high commander in North Khorasan claimed to arrest a user of social networks because of publishing porno pictures and movies.

According to a report by the FATA Police website, he said: “As result of permanent and careful monitoring of cyber space and with a technical and informatics operation in one of social networks a page was recognized and the agents began their investigations.” Continue reading “A social network user is arrested”