HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at least seven protests and one labour strike took place in Iran.

A number of citizens who purchased long ago the pieces of land in the district Golestan in Tehran demonstrated before the municipality building. According to these protestors, 25 five years after purchasing, they have not received any building permits.

A group of school service workers held a protest in front of the Ministry of Education in Tehran. These protestors demand to work in the education section as the Ministry has approved and announced.

A number of employees of the Telecommunication Company held a protest against delays in payments inside the Regional manager’s office in Tabriz.

A group of workers of Brick factory Jil protested against the factory closure before the Governorate building in Karun.

A number of workers of Asalem Municipality gathered to ask for wage and insurance demands before the Municipality.

In Rafsanjan, Kerman Province, a group of citizens who have not received their purchased vehicles from SAIPA Company protested before the Justice building.

The medical staff of a hospital in Tehran protested against the non-payment of six-month salaries.

A group of service workers of Tehran Metro went on strike and marched from their workplace to the Central building of Metro Company in protest against delays in payments.

HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Saturday, August 20, and Sunday, August 21, 2022, at least six protests took place in Iran.

Saturday, August 20

A number of educators recruited in the recruiting plan Mehr Afrain gathered in front of the Ministry of Education to protest against their poor living conditions and ask for the implementation of the educators’ classification plan.

A group of service workers of the Ministry of Education gathered before the Ministry in Tehran to demand the job modification and working as educators as the Ministry had previously approved.


The residents of Shadegan, Khuzestan Province, demonstrated in front of the Governor’s office in protest against repeated power outages. Reportedly, some of the protestors gathered in the building to protest.

Sunday, August 21,

The pensioners of the Fulad Pension Fund gathered before the building of this fund in Isfahan to protest against not addressing their issues.

A number of citizens who have purchased apartments in a housing project Fatemieh Yazd protested against breaching the contract rules regarding the allocation of housing units.

A number of Iran-Iraq war veterans held a protest in front of Tehran Municipality.


Azad University Threatens to Expel Students Protesting Professor Who Killed a Healthy Dog For Dissection

On Tuesday, June 16, a professor of Veterinary Medicine in the Shushtar Branch of Azad University in Southwest Iran was criticized by students for killing a healthy dog for the purposes of a dissection lesson.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Rokna, the dog was still conscious after receiving several doses of anesthesia, and only finally died after the professor cut into its leg vein. Students who have criticized the killing and have posted images of the dissected animal online have been threatened by the school’s administration with expulsion.

Students at Azad University have also said that last year a donkey in the same class was killed in the same way. According to student posts online, the animal stumbled around the room for several hours after being beheaded before it died.

In 2019, all three Ministries of Science, Education, and Health issued directives restricting the use of live animals in laboratories and classrooms. The language of the Ministry of Education’s directive is significantly more decisive than its counterparts; it declares that the use of living beings for education is prohibited without exception. The circular of the Ministry of Health, however, despite emphasizing the importance of first seeking out alternative methods that do not harm the animals, states that it is ultimately up to the teachers to use their best judgement.

According to students in the class, the female dog did not have any specific diseases and the teacher had confirmed the dog’s health after the examination. The professor has as of yet not been reprimanded by the school.