Human Rights violations in Iran Yearly Statistical – Special Year 2011

In a prediction report, it contains Statistical Data (2010-2011) of Human Rights violations in Iran. The statistical basis of this report, that has been prepared, will provide analytical, statistical efforts of institution, and the publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran.

Certainly, due to the Iranian government not allowing human rights defenders to work properly in reporting Human Rights violations and preventing the free flow of information, it does not recognizes the independence of the civil activities, and at the moment, reporting these issues are something with many limitations, difficulty and dangerous in Iran.

Obviously, in such situation for Human Rights defenders, despite great difficulties, only a very small volume of human Rights violations are being monitored, researched and documented in relation to media reports, and finding other groups. However with regards to the restrictions, we can» t deny the analytical error of the content, but the Human Rights entity have known the statistical content and analysis repots with %3 margin of error, rare in its own kind.

As in the first section of the report, it is necessary to notice the human Rights group activities and effort in Iran to improve the reporting of human Rights violations, however, statistics can make dramatic differences in terms of the reports focused on the center of the country compared to other parts of the country as one of the weaknesses of Iran «s civil society entities.

With regard to the Human Rights statistics, 1120077 cases of Violation and protocols documented in Iran with the total repots of 2751, see the map below.


As you can see, there are dramatic differences between the center and other parts of the country, according to published reports.

The terms of the population (Census 1390), Tehran holds 12 million citizens, and other parts of the country holds 62,961,702.

However, according to Focus on Human Rights Defenders in 2011, 42 percent in Tehran and 58 percent in other parts of the country.

The following tables contain the names of the cities that make up the annual reports of Human Rights violations in Iran. Also reports that the transmission rate from that area, it is obvious by not mentioning the name of a city, means there is no report on the region.

The provinces have reported based on the volume of human Rights violations

Name of province

number of reports

Name of province

number of reports

Name of province

number of reports









Sistan& Balochestan










West Azarbayjan






East Azarbayjan










Kohkiloye& Boir Ahmad






South Khorasan


Khorasan Razavi










North Khorasan








Chahar mahal bakhtiyari





In the graph circle is to compare the volume of reports submitted by the provinces.

For seedlings of human rights violations in the past year, first we should look at the chart where the categories on the basis of comparable and the volume of reports, annually.

Ethnic minorities – National

In this category 181 cases reported by the statistics unit and recorded by publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran and 606 citizens were arrested, 113 beaten, 72 killed, 30 were summoned to the authorities, and 93 other jurisdictions have also been reported.

Also 105 citizens were tried by the Revolutionary Courts and for 168 people were sentenced to 1862 months of imprisonment, and 676 months of suspend imprisonment, also has been issued the Fine of 160 million Riyals, 1720 lashes and 372 months of denial of social Rights.

From the total of 181 cases reported to this district, 215 cases of Human Rights abuses for 1, 182 people have been registered.

In the following reports you see the violation rights of national minorities according to the monthly breakdown.

Comparison chart Available in the following areas:

In this category, Kurdish with 57% are on the top of Human Rights Watch reports respectively, Azeris, Baluchis, Arabs are 34%, 5% and 4% in the classification categories of Human Rights watch report.

Religious Minorities

In this category during the past year of 214 recorded reports from the statistics entity, 378 citizens were arrested, 9 cases have been blocked to perform religious rituals, 4 beaten, 13 destroyed or sealed places of religious minorities, 30 cases of harm to job security, 3 preventing the burial of corpses, 18 cases of blocking businesses activities of religious minorities, 106 were summoned to the authorities and 186 of other cases of violations for the religious minorities have been reported.

116 Religious minorities were sentenced in the judicial entities to the total of 3572 months imprisonment, 204 months of suspended sentences; fined 25 million Rials in cash, 250 lashes and 1716 were sentenced to deprivation of social Rights.

Extracted from the total of 214 reported cases to this district, 274 cases of Rights violations for at least 876 people in religious minority has been registered.

Human Right Monitoring, Baha «i Faith followers with 100 cases are at the top of the reports, dervishes of gonabadi reporting 46 cases, 29 cases reported of Christians, 26 cases of Sunnis and 6 cases of violation for the Right group.

In this category, Baha’i faith with %47 are at the top of Human Rights Watch’s report and in order, Dervishes of Gonabadi with 21%, Christian’s 14% and 12% Sunni are in the group categories.

Thought and expression

In this category during the year of 2011, 631 reports from Statistics Agency recorded, 33 cases of Internet filtering has been reported 23 seized magazines, 15 intentionally disrupt the network, 3 deliberate disruption in telecommunication networks, 336 cases of arrest, 339 cases of assault, 35 cases prevented from holding rally, 47 cases of threats and intimidation, 90 were summoned to the authorities and 147 other security issues in other areas of expressing their thoughts has been reported.

In this area in the year of 2011, 181 persons were sentenced from the judiciary entities to 9, 398 months of imprisonment, 156 months of suspended sentences, 10 billion 413 million and 500 thousand Riyals fine, 818 lashes and 846 months of deprivation of social Rights.

Extracted from the total of 631cases in this district, 734 cases of violation of Human Rights have been recorded for 4328 people.


In this category in 2011, 115 reports from the statistics entity has been recorded which in the total of 112 cases of the arresting of trade union Rights activists, 257 places were closed in this regard, 3 permits termination of union organizations, 1 case of preventing the organizations working, 2 cases of canceling the event, 40 cases were summoned to the security authorities and 24, 308 of other cases have been reported.

In this category 17 people were sentenced from the authorities to 434 months of imprisonment, 150 months of suspended imprisonment, 3 million Rials of cash fined and 180 month suspension of Civil Rights.

In total of 115 collected reported cases in this category that is included of 124 cases of Human Rights violation for 24, 818 individuals.


In this category in 2011, 276 reported cases from the statistics entity and publications were recorded which is included in the total of 169 cases of arresting the students, 11 cases of disruption in the assembly, 35 beaten, 4 cases cancelation of the student magazine license, 48 were summoned to the security authorities, 60 cases summoned to disciplinary committees, 50 cases attempt to separation of the gender, 5 places and offices closed formations, 267 case of expulsions of study, 28 cases of expelled or suspension of study and 125 cases were other violations of academic Rights.

In this category in the last year of academic, 86 students were convicted from the country «s judiciary to 1128 months of imprisonment, 111 months of suspended sentences, fine of 40 million Rials in cash, 398 lashes and 36 months were sentenced to deprivation of social Rights.

From the total of 276 collected reported cases, 334 cases of violation of Student Rights were recorded for 1495 students.


In this category in 2011, 244 reports have been registered from the Statistics entity and Human Rights Activists in Iran, including conviction of 498 people condemned to death and execution verdict of 529 people which 61 were executed in public, 323 were men, 6 women and 200 sexes were unknown.

9 bodies of those executed for political reasons and to prevent of rituals for the security reasons, have not been delivered to their families.

10 were executed on charges of waging war against God and their bodies have not been delivered to the families or if they were buried by the justice system, their location are unknown and have not been reported to tier families.

According to the report, 76% of those executed were executed in Iran on charges of drug-related offenses, 11% charges of rape, 5% murder, 2% Moharebeh, 2% charged with waging war – political, 2% on charges of waging war and corruption on earth, %1 charged with sodomy or homosexuality, %1 rape and murder of 1% on charges of mischief and corruption on earth and a very little percentage on the corruption were executed in Iran.

From the total of 244 reported cases, 280 cases of Rights violations have been recorded for 1077 people.

In the following chart issuance of verdicts of executions in the different courts in the country based on the crime being investigated is that of drug-related crimes in the lead with 76%, 11% rape, murder 5%, are in the category.

In the chart below examines the death penalty in different provinces of the country, Tehran province with 13%,12% for West Azarbaijan, Khorasan Razaviwith 10% are counted.

In the charts below 12 percent of the executions were in the public

In this diagram, which is directly related to the execution of political prisoner and examined the body of those executed, based on this diagram 2% of the bodies of those executed had not been delivered to their families.

Cultural Rights

In this category last year with 57 reported human Rights violations by the statistics entity have been registered which the total of 134 people arrested, license revocation of four cultural associations, exclusion of the four cultural programs, expulsion of two cultural activists, 52 people were summoned to the judiciary – Security, 4 persons of banned from leaving the country, 2 persons of banned to act on cinema and 125 other cases of Rights violations have been reported.

At this district 5 activists were sentenced from the judicial system to 162 months of imprisonment, 60 months of suspended, 90 lashes and 240 months to deprivation of cultural activities.

In this category from the total of 57 reported under review, 61 cases of Rights violations for at least 339 people have been extracted.


In this category in 2011, 288 reported in the survey was compiled based on a total of 22 arrests, 83 cases have been reported in workers «strike, 46, 309 workers were fired or adjusted, 1877 workers didn» t get paid, 162, 316 workers have lost their jobs, 112 were killed in work accidents, 76 cases of physical injuries to workers on the job has been reported, 13, 105 cases were reported to not having insurance for workers, 971 workers have been working in the field of undecided, 35 labor activists were summoned and 26, 981 others have been with other issues.

A total of 15 people of labor activists were sentenced from the Judiciary to 438 months imprisonment, 26-month suspended sentence and 240 were sentenced to deprivation of social Rights.

This report compiled the total of ,,288 cases which 380 are legal Rights cases for 2, 542 people have been registered.

Children «s Rights

In this category in the 2011 in the total of 41 reports which was made by the statistics entity a total of 44 cases of child abuse, 7 issuance or execution, 600, 001 cases of children labor, 32, 000 children without identity, children» s Rights activists arrested in 3 cases, A sale and trafficking of children, 20 cases of rape and sexual abuse of children, 436 cases of child marriage, 2 child Rights activists condemned and 7 as well as other violations of the law is derived.

Two children Rights activists were sentenced from the judiciary in total of 54 months imprisonment.

The total collected reports in this district are 41 and estimated of 46 cases of human Rights violation for 633, 048 people.


55 cases were reported in this category in the 2011, based on a total of 10 women «s Rights activists were arrested, Women self-burning-reported 11 cases, 8 cases of honor killing, 1 case of rape, 18 cases of activists summoned to the judiciary – General Security and 11 other cases have been reported.

7 activists were sentenced from the judiciary in the country to 68 months imprisonment, 9 months suspended sentence and were fined 500 thousand Rials.

Total of 55 reports collected in this district, which includes 60 women violation Rights out of at least 94 people.


In this category in 2011, a total of 1, 020 cases of torture of prisoners, 263 prisoners about the investigation or denial of medical services, 93 cases of illegal transfer of prisoners to solitary confinement, Restrictions on the prisoners out of 927, 189 about the hunger strike, 260 cases of forced transfer or deportation of prisoners, 2 cases of suicide in prison, pressure and threats of 235, 180 inmates, 83 prisoners were killed, 139 prisoners, uncertainty, 5 cases of prisoners on death, disease, 16 retribution for the execution and torture, 66 cases of no access to lawyers, building a case against 53 prisoners, about 1, 050 prisoners held in harsh environments, and 162 other reports are collected.

In total there were 649 reports collected in this district, 1365 cases for violating the Rights of prisoners for 240, 278 people.


During the past year the Iranian government including the lower and appeal courts, applied for issuance of 18, 508 months imprisonment (suspended and the term) out of these numbers, 584 months for trades, 2538 months The field of national minorities – ethnic, 3776 months for religious minorities, 9554 months for thought and expression, 1, 239 months for students, 77 months for women, children 54 months, 222 months for culture and workers have accounted for 464 months.

It should be noted that these statistics only issue, rulings or profile the published information.

Figures reported from the judiciary system, 597 citizens were sentenced over 302 years of deprivation of social Rights, More than 1426 years of imprisonment and 116 years of suspended sentence.

The activists were also fined to a Billion and six and six Million Rials. Also were sentenced to 3, 276 lashes.


Security forces have arrested 4, 615 civilians during the past year of which about 1770 case bases and 2845 cases to determine the identity or without knowing the identity of the arrested people.

In this regard, the trades were 112 cases of arrests; ethnic minorities 606 cases, religious minorities 376 cases, 3, 181 for thought and expression, 169 cases for students, 10 cases for women, 134 cases for cultural workers and 3 cases include children.

It is noted that the mass arrests in the above figure chart is not mentioned.

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