Complementary Report Regarding Massacre of Prisoners in GhezelHesar Prison and The Latest on Conditions inside This Prison

HRANA News: Following the incidents in Ghezel Hesar Prison located in Karaj, leaving hundreds of prisoners dead or injured by Special Security Forces, there are reports of emergency conditions inside prison and increasing casualty within prisoners.

According to HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency, since yesterday morning in addition to disconnection of Ghezel Hesar prison’s phone lines, families of prisoner who were supposed to meet their inmates, have not yet had the permission to do so. In addition, even the daily leave of prison personnel has been cancelled and no information including such as identities of those killed and injured inside prison is not being released by prison authorities.

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increasing concerns about secretly executing Habibollah Latifi

HRANA News – All public phone line of Sanandaj prison was shutdown since yesterday and concerns about  the execution of Habib Latifi has been increased.
HRANA reporters, Due to the lost of phone service at all Sanandaj central prison’s wards, despite the extensive efforts made to confirm the wellbeing of Habib Latifi’s until now was unsuccessful.
Families of other political prisoners incarcerated in the prison could not manage to contact the prisoners.

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Five Prisoners Hanged in Rasht Prison

HRANA – In the early morning hours of Monday, May 24th, five prisoners were executed by judicial authorities in Rasht prison.

According to Human Rights and Democracy Activists, the five prisoners, one of whom was a woman, were hanged behind the clinic at Rasht prison.

There is currently no information available on the identities of the five prisoners or the charges against them.

Interestingly, although several days have passed since the execution of these five prisoners, the Judiciary and state run media have remained mum on the matter and have thus far declined to publish any reports about these executions.