Political Prisoner Mashallah Haeri Hospitalized

HRANA News Agency – On Thursday, August 4, 2011, political prisoner Mashallah Haeri who has been locked up in Rajai-Shahr Prison, Ward 4, was hospitalized due to deteriorating health.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mashallah Haeri is one of the political prisoners from 1980’s.He suffers from heart and respiratory problems.Mashallah Haeri, 58, has had two heart attacks thus far and can’t bear prison conditions.

Judge Moghiseh presiding over the Revolutionary Court, Branch 28, sentenced Mashallah Haeri to 15 years in prison and also exiled him to serve this term at Rajai-Shahr Prison.

Dismissal of all Baha’i Employees of Achilandoor Company

HRANA News Agency – While more than two months have passed since the CEO and five employees of Achilandoor Company were detained by IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps] intelligence officers, in the last few days, all Baha’i employees and workers of this company in the cities of Tehran and Mashhad have been fired following an order issued by the Intelligence Office of IRGC.

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Seven Prisoners Hanged in Rajai-Shahr Prison

HRANA News Agency – Seven prisoners were hanged early this morning in Rajai-Shahr Prison.In recent days, these individuals had been transferred from Ghazel Hesar Prison to solitary confinement in Ward 1 of Rajai-Shahr Prison.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran, on Thursday, September 15, 2011, seven prisoners were transferred from Ward 2 in Ghazel Hesar Prison to Ward 1 of Rajai-Shahr Prison.Since then, they have been waiting for their execution orders to be carried out.On Sunday, September 18, 2011, these seven prisoners were hanged in Rajai-Shahr Prison.

Charges and details of legal proceedings against these prisoners have not been mentioned in the report, and Iranian judicial authorities have been silent regarding these hangings.

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, twenty other prisoners awaiting execution met with their families in Evin Prison.These prisoners were transferred from Ward 2 in Ghazel Hesar Prison to isolation cells in Evin Prison last week.


Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani’s Death Sentence Upheld

HRANA News Agency – Since Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the verdict to hang Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani, it is possible that he will be executed soon.

Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani is a 38 year old political prisoner locked up in Rajai-Shahr Prison.The decision announced by the Supreme Court was verbally communicated to Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani’s family but has not been given to the prisoner yet.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran, Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani together with his brother, Amir Hussein, was arrested in June 2008 and charged with beating a policeman and carrying a weapon.Abbas is currently behind bars in Rajai-Shahr Prison, Ward 1.Amir Hussein was killed under torture in Tehran’s Shapour Detention Center in July of the same year.

During the last few years, other members of this family have also been arrested.


Christian prisoners in poor conditions in prison Mashhad

HRANA – The revolutionary court  of  Mashhad while threatening the families of Christian  detainees,  has  told them in the event these individuals do not adhere back to Islam they  will  be  sentenced for  “apostasy”.
According to HRANA reporters,  On Sunday,  during a  meeting with the families of  the detainees that have been held since July 7th 2010 for adhering to Christianity  the judge for branch 901 of revolutionary court of  Mashhad announced that in spite  of the fact that the authorities have spent 50 days, nevertheless these individuals have not given any guarantees to recant from their Christianity.  After these statements while threatening the families of the detainees, the court authorities and intelligence officers asked them in  a meeting that they will arrange with the detainees, they have to request their loved  ones to recant from their Christian beliefs and return to  Islam.  The authorities have demanded that the families of the these individuals to provide ample warnings about the  re-precautions of insisting  upon  their  Christian beliefs.

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Khodadad Rashidi Hanged In Urmia for Moharebeh

HRANA News Agency – On Saturday morning, September 17, 2011, a citizen was hanged on prison grounds in Urmia Central Prison.

According to a report by Mukrian News Agency, Khodadad Rashidi was arrested five years ago, charged with the crime of Enmity with God (Moharebeh) and sentenced to death.Khodadad Rashidi was hanged early this morning in Urmia, and his body was delivered to his family.

Khodadad Rashidi’s attorney, Ehsan Mojtavi, has confirmed his client’s execution.


Baluchi Prisoner Mohammad Mandazahi Hanged in Kerman

HRANA News Agency – On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, Mohammad Mandazahi, son of Dadkha, was hanged in Kerman’s central prison.

According to a report by Baluchistan Human Rights Activists, Mohammad Mandazahi was charged with drug trafficking.Mohammad Mandazahi spent six years behind bars and was sentenced to death without the presence of an attorney or his family at the trail.


Indiscriminate Violence Perpetuated by State Security Forces Leaves Ten Dead and Wounded

HRANA- Violence perpetuated by state security forces has left ten people dead or wounded over the last week in Iran.

HRANA has learned that the indiscriminate violence against citizens has killed or wounded ten citizens in the cities of Iranshahr , Sardasht and Ahar. Reports reveal that seven Kurdish workers in the town of Sardasht were wounded after being fired upon by state security forces. Four individuals were taken to the hospital in Mahabad and there is no information on their conditions at this time.

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Kosha Motlagh Hanged in Public This Morning

HRANA News Agency – Early Tuesday morning, on September 13, 2011, Kosha Parsa Motlagh was hanged in public.The hanging took place on Darya Blvd., past Imam Sadegh University crossing near the location where Kosha Motlagh had killed and stabbed his classmate, Mahsa, on July 6, 2011.Since the crime occurred on Tehran’s Modiriat Bridge, this murder is often referred to as “Modiriat Bridge Murder.”

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has released a few pictures of this public hanging.


Nasar Khanizadeh, Kurdish Political Prisoners, Died in Urmia Prison

HRANA News Agency – On Sunday afternoon, July 24, 2011, Kurdish political prisoner Nasar Khanizadeh died while being treated for a digestive illness in Urmia Central Prison, West Azerbaijan Province.

According to a report by Murkrain News Agency, Nasar Khanizadeh was recently transferred from Bokan Prison to Urmia for medical reasons.He suffered from some sort of gastrointestinaldisease and at the time of his death, was under medical care in Urmia prison hospital.

Nasar Khanizadeh was sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Revolutionary Court on charges of being associated and cooperating with opposition parties.