Another Student Arrested in Tabriz

HRANA News Agency – Sassan Vahibivash, a student activist at Tabriz Azad University, was arrested on Friday, June 10, 2011.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Sassan Vahibivash has contacted his family by phone and confirmed his arrest.Sassan Vahibivash is a medical student at Tabriz Azad University and is currently locked up together with another student, Nimapur Yaqoob, at a detention center in Tabriz.

Nimapur Yaqoob was arrested by Iran’s intelligence agents on June 9, 2011.


Labor Activist Arrested in Tabriz

HRANA News Agency – A labor activist has been arrested in Tabriz, [East Azerbaijan Province], and locked up in this city’s central prison.

According to a report by Urmia Workers Website, Shahrokh Zamoni was arrested on June 7, 2011 and transferred to the central prison in Tabriz.Shahrokh Zamoni is a painter and laborer who was involved in the Committee to Explorer the Establishment of Painters Union and then became an active member of the Painters Union after the formation of this trade syndicate.


No Impediments to Swift Action by Security Forces for “Bad Hejab”

HRANA- The Iranian interior minister explicitly declared that there will be no impediments in the way of security forces in dealing with “bad hejab”.

Hamid Rasai, member of parliament’s culture committee said, “In this week’s cultural committee meeting with the interior minister we discussed the issues of chastity and bad hejab.”

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Meysam Beyg Mohammadi Sentenced to One Year in Prison

HRANA – The appellate court has sentenced Meysam Beyg Mohammadi to one year in prison.
According to Daneshjoo News, the appellate court has reduced the original sentence given to Meysam Beyg Mohammadi, a university student imprisoned in Ward 350 of Evin prison.
Mr. Beyg Mohammadi is a student at Alameh Tabatabaie University and was arrested in the aftermath of the popular protests on December 27, 2009. He was initially sentenced to three years in prison by the lower court. His appellate trial took place in Branch 54 of the Appellate Courts and was overseen by judge Movahed.

Six Capital Punishments Confirmed in Salmas, Iran

HRANA News Agency – Execution verdicts of six prisoners in Salmas, convicted of drug trafficking has been confirmed by Supreme Court and they are in danger of execution.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Habib Mamadi, Akram Mamadi, Sami Mamadi, Samad Mamadi, Karim Mamadi and Firouz Hassanzadeh, from Hablaran and Ghezel Kand villages in Salmas convicted of drug trafficking are sentenced to death.

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Assadollah Hadi still banned for medical leave

HRANA News Agency – Assadollah Hadi, political prisoner in Ward 350 of Evin,  suffering from heart disease and knee problems is still banned for medical leave.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), The Evin prison authorities continue preventing political prisoner, Assadollah Hadi to his medical treatments. He is suffering from heart disease and knee problems.
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Four Ahwazi Christians sentenced to four years in prison

HRANA News Agency -Four new Christians from Ahwaz were sentenced to one year in prison for each.
According to reporters of Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, the detainees include, Farhad Sabokroh, the Pastor of the AOG church of Ahwaz, his wife Shahnaz and two other ministers and converts called Naser Zamen-Dezfuli and Davoud Alijani who is called David. No reliable information is available regarding their health and conditions in the places where they are being held.
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Environmentalist Farshad Maroufi Vanished

HRANA News Agency – After Iranian Intelligence Agency in the city of Naghadeh summoned Farshad Maroufi several days ago, the environmentalist has vanished, and his whereabouts are unknown.

According to a report by Kurdistan Press Agency (KURDPA), Farshad Maroufi was summoned by the Intelligence Agency a few days ago.Since then, there has been no news of him.During recent demonstrations to protest against Lake Urmia drying up, he was present and active in the city of Naghadeh, West Azerbaijan Province.Farshad Maroufi is a Kurdish citizen and a member of the Society of Environmentalists, Hatva, in the city of Naghadeh.
Despite repeated inquires made by Farshad Maroufi’s family, the officials at the Intelligence Agency in the city of Naghadeh have announced to know nothing about the subject.As a result, his family’s concerns and worries have increased.

Befitting to Name Evin & Gharchak Artists’ Dwelling

HRANA News Agency – More than 80 Iranian artists have issued a statement to protest against the prosecution of their colleagues in the country.Amongst the signatories, there are well-known artists belonging to two generations of Iranians living either in the country or abroad.The full text of this statement is as follows:

Art is the portrayal of liberty on the wings of thought and imagination.Pity those who believe by imprisoning an artist’s physical being, his thought process is eroded.

How do occasional incursions carried out against independent and intellectual artists lead us to the shores of salvation while our nation’s thirst and admiration for art can’t be quenched by pretentious rulers reigning over our culture?

Today, it is befitting to name Evin and Gharchak artists’ dwelling whose air is filled with the breath of such individuals as Marzieh Vafamehr and Ramin Parchami, and amidst its walls, the scent of Jafar Panahi, Mohammad Rasoulof, Mahnaz Mohammadi, Maryam Majd, Pegah Ahangariani, Hila Sedighi and numerous others is felt.All these artists share a common belief in independent art, have felt the prevailing pain in the society and have sought to present solutions worthy of an awakened nation demanding change.

We, a group of artists and authors signing this statement, are gravely concerned about police actions undertaken against activists, demand the release of all artists and ask for their convictions reconsidered.

Signed by:

  1. Arezoo Srazsh (Author)
  2. Aria Aram Nejad (Composer, Singer, Song Writer)
  3. Azadeh Davachi (Poet)
  4. Ida Amidi (Poet)
  5. Ehsan Ahmadi (Poet)
  6. Ahmad Pournejati (Poet, Cinema & Theater)
  7. Ardavan Asshabi (Photographer)
  8. Arsalan Bagheri (Poet)
  9. Ismail Yourdshahyan (Poet, Writer)
  10. Afsaneh Shafie (Theater Performer, Poet)
  11. Afshin Akhavan (Actor, Cinema & Theater)
  12. Omid Iran Mehr (Photographer)
  13. Omid Koshtkar (Graphics Artist)
  14. Amir Ashori (Poet, Translator)
  15. Amir Varaste Heidari (Poet)
  16. Bagher Mozen (Musician)
  17. Baktash Abtin (Poet, Filmmaker)
  18. Parto Noriala (Actress, Poet)
  19. Pegah Ahmadi (Poet)
  20. Poya Azizi (Poet)
  21. Toran Zandieh (Painter)
  22. Javad Moghimi (Photographer)
  23. Hojat Badaghi (Poet)
  24. Hassan Zarhi (Poet)
  25. Hassan Sarbakhshan (Photographer)
  26. Hussein Arian (Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor)
  27. Hussein Zaman (Singer)
  28. Hussein Noshazad (Story Writer)
  29. Hamid Reza Nabiei (Photograher)
  30. Hamid Janipour (Photographer)
  31. Reza Shantia (Poet)
  32. Reza Farmand (Author, Poet)
  33. Reza Ganji (Photographer)
  34. Roya Bijani (Poet)
  35. Roya Taghti(Poet)
  36. Zahra Elahi (Poet)
  37. Sara Khalili (Poet, Translator)
  38. Sassan Ghahreman (Author, Director, Theater Performer)
  39. Saman Zaman Zadeh (Photographer)
  40. Sayeh Darkhtian (Poet)
  41. Sapedeh Jadyari (Poet, Translator)
  42. Samaneh Naeini (Poet)
  43. Soheila Mirzaie (Poet)
  44. Siamak Borazjani (Poet)
  45. Shabnam Azar (Poet)
  46. Shabnam Farshadjo (Actress)
  47. Shabnam Ghalikhani (Actress, Film Educator)
  48. Shaghayegh Zafari (Poet)
  49. Shokofeh Azar (Author)
  50. Shahrnoosh Parsipour (Author)
  51. Abbas Bakhtiari (Musician)
  52. Ezat Goshegir (Play Writer)
  53. Ali Avghazyan (Photographer)
  54. Ali Chakav (Photographer, Filmmaker)
  55. Ali Abdolrezaie (Poet)
  56. Ali Fatehi (Documentary Filmmaker)
  57. Ali Fathi Moghadam (Poet)
  58. Ali Mohammadi (Poet, Filmmaker)
  59. Ali Manafi (Announcer)
  60. Ali Reza Badi (Poet, Song Writer)
  61. Ali Reza Bahnam (Poet, Translator)
  62. Ali Reza Darvish (Painter, Filmmaker)
  63. Kian Amani (Photographer)
  64. Garanaz Mosavi (Poet, Filmmaker)
  65. Laila Kurdbacheh (Poet)
  66. Mana Nistani (Cartoonist)
  67. Majid Nafisi (Poet)
  68. Mohsen Khaimedooz (Author, Movie Critic)
  69. Mohsen Emadi (Poet)
  70. Mohsen Mahmoud Zadeh (Photographer)
  71. Maryam Amosa (Poet, Photographer)
  72. Maryam Holeh (Poet)
  73. Mazdak Mousavi(Poet)
  74. Mostafa Azizi (Script Writer)
  75. Monireh Parvaresh (Poet)
  76. Mehrnaz Hedayati (Author)
  77. Mino Nosrat (Poet)
  78. Naser Zerati (Author, Poet)
  79. Nasrin Almasi (Author)
  80. Niaz Salimi (Actress)
  81. Hashem Baroti(Poet)
  82. Hasti Alhoie (Graphics Artist)
  83. Homan Azizi (Poet)

Amordadgan Festival Raided; More Than 100 Arrested

HRANA News Agency – On Thursday, July 28, 2011, Iranian security forces raided a gathering sponsored by Baharestan Society in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, and arrested more than one hundred participants.Baharestan Society is a cultural group that had scheduled a gathering in observance of Amordadgan Festival, an ancient Persian celebration of life and immortality.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the majority of individuals detained have been released after the preliminary fingerprinting, interrogations and searches were conducted.However, six citizens still remain in custody, and their whereabouts and current condition are unknown.

Iranian intelligence agents have also searched the detainees’ homes and seized personal belongings.Despite repeated inquires and appeals, the families of detainees still don’t know where their loved ones are being kept.

Six individuals who are still in custody have been identified as Nataghinia (board secretary of Baharestan Society), Ashori (Tonbak player and organizer of music programs for the festival), Mohseni, Ramzani and his son, and Tavana.